America to ICE: We Don’t Care What You Think..Just Do Your Job »

It is now more obvious that America is being invaded from within.  Not only does our current administration allow us to be verbally accosted by the president of the same nation that has threatened our security and economy in our legislative halls, the head of a Federal Agency is threatening to refuse to work with […]

Obama’s Wasteful Spending Trumps National Security »

The Obama Administration has already slashed missile defense in Eastern Europe that would neutralize Iran’s growing missile threat. The Obama Administration has already slashed the Airborne Laser, which is a powerful defensive tool against potential hot spots like Iran and North Korea. The Obama Administration’s has killed a “next generation” bomber, the Air Force’s F-22, […]

Community Organizer Does Not Make A Constitutional Expert »

Once again our President calls himself an expert to something he knows nothing about: The Constitution. Through actions such as backdoor deals for ObamaCare and selling Executive Orders like they are candy, even Ray Charles can see this is a document Obama has not studied.  Nonetheless, Arizona has become a target by our President’s new […]

Illegal Immigration Not a Victimless Crime, Time To Act Like It! »

Let’s face it. We are not safe.  Not only do the people across our waters risk our lives but also the people within our own country.  There are people who literally live day by day without being known.  While the obvious reaction should be regulation and the enforcement of our already standing borders, we literally […]

Iranian President Attacks America on our Land and Gets Away with it »

The United Nations is an organization built to bring countries together for the good of the world and to work with each other to improve the international quality of life.  It is a pinnacle of what this world can be, but only if used correctly.  Sadly however, it has also become a favorite soapbox for […]

Pelosi Urges Churches To Press Against Arizona »

It is no secret that, now with campaign season in full swing, time has run out when it comes to having any more liberal agenda items tear through our nation.  As this and the fact that Democrats have a losing chance at continuing to hold on the states after November, Pelosi’s reaction has been to […]

Three Ways the Financial Reform Bill Limits Your Freedom »

Senator Dodd’s financial reform bill which supposedly calls for financial regulatory reform, despite the GOP lifting the blockade is still a threat to our nation. Once again, our Democratic majority has skipped over what our nation needs in order to do nothing more than create more titles for their higher ups and limit our freedoms […]

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