Another Job Offer from the White House Shows the Filth of Obama’s Political Agenda »

After starting to settle into the idea that the issue regarding their offer to Democratic Candidate Joe Sestak was starting to see the road to the archives and out of the current events sections of newspapers and news programs, The White House awoke to another hit. Current Colorado Democratic Candidate Andrew Romanoff, it has been reported was also offered a position in exchange for dropping out of the current race.…

Not THAT hole! »

"Plug that damn hole!" –– Not THAT hole!!

Dems’ energy policy: If you can’t beat ‘em, force it on ‘em »

By Brian Johnson

With the “cash-for-caulkers” bill, the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act (HR 5019), passing the House and making its way through the Senate, there have been substantiated rumors that Senate Democrats will try to expand the scope and incorporate additional “job creating” measures. They claim a federally mandated Renewable Energy Standard (RES) will do the trick.

The Hill reports that Senate Leader Harry Reid has said he would …

Obama Should Stop Contradicting Campaign Rhetoric »

By Jay Ambrose

The self-contradictions are catching up with the Obama administration. We will be transparent, they said. Only they aren’t. We will be accountable. Anything but. You will find us nonpartisan and above politics as usual, they insisted. Hardly.

The job offer to keep Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania out of a Senate primary is instructive on this score.

Job offers were politics as usual »

Editorial by Denver Post

It’s beyond discouraging to watch the White House flail about as it tries to squelch the developing story of how it tried to keep Andrew Romanoff out of Colorado’s Senate race.

The Obama administration repeatedly had said it never offered a job to Romanoff, but now officials are not only saying they dangled jobs in front of him but that they did so to avoid a …

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