Hanna Rosin: This is What a Feminist Looks Like

A couple years ago the National Organization for Women came up with an idea for a new PR campaign. The program duped unsuspecting college students into wearing a T-shirt carrying the gratuitous slogan, “This is what a feminist looks like.”

The campaign was designed to dispel the popular notion that all women’s libbers are Helen Thomas look-alikes with a hooked nose, deep-set eyes, serpentine lips, and rhinoceros-hide skin. Read more

Blunting the Arizona Boycotts

Those of us who believe the state of Arizona has a right to protect its borders should do our part to blunt the effects of liberal-organized boycotts against that state. We are in the majority here. Most polls show that Americans favor Arizona’s new immigration law by nearly two to one. There is power in numbers, and they are on our side this time.

The boycotts are starting to mount up, from school boards meddling in politics and depriving their student athletes of the chance to participate in sporting events in Arizona to the Los Angeles city council’s recent vote to suspend business activities with that state. Arizona will soon begin to feel their negative effects. Read more