Is Obama Showing Enough Emotion?

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President Obama has recently been criticized by those on the right and on the left for not showing enough passion in his efforts to combat the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh, boy! Give me a break! I don’t give a flying flip about how much emotion he shows.

I’m concerned about competence. I want Obama, BP officials, and all the others involved in the situation to find a solution as soon as possible and then get the darn thing cleaned up. What difference does emotion make in situations like this, anyway? Actually, I would rather have someone remain cold and calculating when trying to resolve a difficult problem.

Think about this. If you were going to have major surgery, would you want a surgeon who was emotional and passionate or one who was cold and calculating? I would much rather have the latter. Why is it that doctors do not practice on their own family members? Because they would be too emotional about it, and that would interfere with their ability to provide the best possible care.

I think one of the things wrong with our political system today is that people vote with their emotions instead of their brains. Politicians know this and exploit it for all it’s worth when they are running for office. They know how to push people’s hot buttons. Accordingly, they often make emotional appeals and promises for things that really don’t make any sense, violate tenets of the U.S Constitution, and are not in the best interest of the American people.

The next time you get ready to vote, ignore most of the stuff the mainstream media is saying. Ignore the extreme pundits on both sides.  Don’t look for the candidate who seems to be the most passionate. Don’t look for the candidate who appeals to your self- interests, biases, fears, etc. Gather all the facts that you can and thoroughly analyze them. Then use your brain and vote based on reason and logic.

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