Why are most Blacks Democrats?

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It seems obvious that many Blacks who belong to the Democrat party have forgotten recent history. Unfortunately, Black History Month seems to leave the wrong impression that Democrats have provided Blacks with the most benefits. It’s likely 90% of Blacks will not vote Republican.

Most know that it was a Republican president that inaugurated the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Amendments that benefited Blacks the most–the 13th, 14th, and 15th. All were pushed through with a majority Republican Congress. Charles Sumner, a distinguished abolitionist and Republican, was distinctly against Democrats who said “If you were for the [Civil] war, you are against the union.” [Old Guard Journal]

Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson’s biographer Robert Caro stated: Prior to 1957 LBJ “had never supported civil rights legislation”. His appointment of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court was praised, but Wynton Hall (Hoover Institute/Stanford) corrected the story: presidential historian Robert Dallek recounts, LBJ explained his decision to a staff member by saying “Son, when I want to appoint a n—-r to the court, I want everybody to know he’s a n—-r.”

LBJ allowed the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but had to get it passed through opposing Democrats. Democrats, including Senator Robert Byrd, tried to kill the Act with a filibuster. Relatively unknown Republican Everett Dirksen managed to rouse up Congress to defeat the Democrat-led filibuster. History buffs should remember that Republicans were also responsible for passing the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871, the Reconstruction Acts, and the 1866, 1875, 1957, and 1960 Civil Rights Acts.

So many Democrats point to the racism of Jesse Helms, Richard Nixon, and other Republicans as reasons to reject the party. But why don’t they talk about the racism of George Wallace, Malcolm X, and Spike Lee? Interesting that almost all of these people are dead and gone, but Blacks continuously think of Republicans as the party of bigotry.

But Bill Clinton has accomplished more for racial inequality that anyone in the recent past. Clinton’s omnibus crime bill revealed a major disparity (100-1) in sentencing of crack and powdered cocaine offenses. This crackdown on young, first-time nonviolent offenders has been devastating to Blacks. When Clinton was asked about this racially biased cocaine sentencing disparity, he said “The situation that exists is unfair, unjustifiable and should be changed.” He never changed it.

Blacks were unjustly burdened by Clinton environmental regulations continuously. Regulations governing storm water runoff added $3500 (Gernstein/NCPPR) to the price of a new house, which could have forced a million lower-income Americans completely out of the housing market. But the Bush EPA has found a less costly and less burdensome plan.

In fact a closer check reveals in the Clinton presidency there were prominent gaps in income, employment, and the continued growth between black and white median wealth. In the dawn of the Bush Administration, the Senate passed the “Brownfield Revitalization Act”, which was the most important environmental action of the 107th Congress. By providing millions in federal assistance to governments and easing cleanup regulations, thousands of destroyed inner-city areas were restored to workable use.

The regulations for “global warming” will cause black household income to fall by $2,200, and eliminate 864,000 jobs held by black Americans (Mike Green/NCPPR). Signing the Kyoto Protocol could potentially double the future price of gasoline (Stuart Pigler/Project 21). During the Clinton years, a mandate that gasoline contain ‘MTBE’ raised the cost by 10 cents/gallon.

The Left insists that incandescent light bulbs should be replaced with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). But CFLs are not manufactured in the US, so American jobs will diminish with increasing use.

The Democrats refuse to drill in ANWR, or the US continental shelf. Result: fewer jobs, more energy dependence, and higher transportation costs. If you destroy jobs, or make poor families pay an ever-larger portion of their meager incomes for energy, food and clothing, the hard-won victories for civil rights are quickly reversed.

In 1969 the UNFPA was enacted, but conservative presidents Reagan/Bush(1st) used a 1981 law to prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding overseas programs involved with coercive abortions. Clinton, during his presidency, re-established funding and increased it to $40 million/yr.

Moreover, of all abortions, 37% are performed on Blacks, even though they only make up 12% of the population. Dr. Alveda King (niece/MLK) estimates that ¼ of the Black population is missing due to the genocide of abortion. Since 1973, Black women have had 15 million babies die by saline, suction, chemicals, dismemberment, and the knife. How many of those Blacks would have rivaled Reagan, or MLK?

One party favors keeping this legal killing right now. However, one favors policies that help minority Americans. And there’s only one reason why anyone would vote for the first party. A firm grasp of history is not that reason.

——————————————————————————————–Kevin Roeten can be reached at roetenks@charter.net.

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