Kill Whitey and Other Leftist Fantasies

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The ever-feisty, always irrepressible Rev. Jeremiah Wright is back in the news. Yessiree, President Obama’s long-time spiritual guru is once again regaling audiences with his unique blend of fire-and-brimestone and racial invective.

During a seminar held in Chicago last week, Wright broke into his well-honed rap routine, claiming, “White folk done took this country.” And “You’re in their home, and they’re gonna let you know it.” Wright then accused whites of designing schools to mis-educate blacks “not by benign neglect but by malignant intent.”

Refocusing his broadside, Wright continued, “whites and Jews are controlling the flow of worldwide information and oppressing blacks in Israel and America.” (Note to the good pastor: there are a total of 7 black persons in all of Israel.) “You are not now, nor have you ever been, nor will you ever be a brother to white folk,” concluding his hoary rant.

Of course Rev. Wright never uttered the words, “Kill whitey.” But the venomous sentiment behind his pronouncements was evident.

Just as Wright was concluding his impassioned soliloquy in Chicago, the 18th annual San Francisco Dyke March was set to get underway. Its web page featured the usual warning: Men would be allowed to come watch the event, but only if they agreed to “stand and support us from the sidelines.”

Following the 2004 Dyke March, the San Francisco Chronicle rhapsodized, “For a few hours Saturday night, Vicki Noble got a fleeting glimpse of a world devoid of men — and she came away excited and deeply moved. ‘This is what the world would look like if women ruled the world, which we intend to do,’ said Noble, 57, of Santa Cruz.”

And one year the Dyke March featured women brandishing torches and a banner that read, “Death to the Patriarchy.” No hooded robes or burning crosses, to the enormous relief of many.

Speaking of the patriarchy, the July/August issue of The Atlantic just hit the newsstands featuring this cheery message on its cover: “The End of Men: How Women are Taking Control.”

I’ve waded through the article’s half-baked generalizations, toxic assertions, and perverse logic — believe me, you don’t want your 12-year-old son going near this stuff. (Here’s the contact info if you want to complain:

The current issue of The Atlantic also features what it modestly describes as the 14-3/4 Biggest Ideas of the Year. Here’s Bright Idea No. 9: “The Catholic Church is Finished.”

Expounding on Catholicism’s sex abuse crisis, the liberal rag indulges in this paroxysm of editorial hubris: “No, nothing could save the Church: it was too corrupt, too compromised, too medieval, too anachronistic. And now, at last, it was finished.”

Then there’s the bedrock institution of the family. As we know, the feminist Left targeted the nuclear family for elimination years ago. And now, they have something to show for all their efforts.

Speaking at a 2009 Mexico City seminar, Arie Hoekman, leader at the United Nations Population Fund, ridiculed conservatives who worry about out-of-wedlock births. Hoekman celebrated family break-down with this commentary:

“More than a crisis, we are in the presence of a weakening of the patriarchal structure, as a result of the disappearance of the economic base that sustains it and because of the rise of new values centered in the recognition of fundamental human rights.”

A year later, Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation would lament in his sage commentary, “Marital collapse creates a burgeoning new clientele dependent on government services and political patrons….The statist Left is not content to merely watch marriage die; it seeks to nail the coffin lid tightly shut.”

Liberals like to brag that destroying white culture, patriarchy, the church, and the family is all for a greater, inevitable good – to eliminate inequality and raise up the dispossessed. But even here, the liberal manifesto turns out to be rank hypocrisy.

Long-term readers know that for years I have followed the meteoric rise of the global AIDS epidemic. To this day, it continues to spike out of control. In the African country of Swaziland, for example, the HIV prevalence rate is 26%, which means one-quarter of its adult population is living under the terrifying pall of an imminent death sentence.

We’ve known for years that the ABC strategy (Abstinence, Be faithful, Condoms for high-risk populations) is the solution to stopping the global spread of AIDS. But the HIV prevention movement has been co-opted by women’s-libbers who only care about female empowerment, so they push for women to use ineffective (and possibly harmful) vaginal microbicides.

And homosexual activists only want to hear the oxymoronic “Safe Sex” message: condoms, condoms, and more condoms.

In the final analysis, the radical Left has evolved to the point of nihilism: condemning White culture, marginalizing men, subverting the church, destroying the family, and taking perverse pleasure in the end of life itself.

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