No Longer A Rumor: Obama Wants Amnesty

        The people who watch politics closely expected it, the ones who didn’t assumed it and now we know it. Through an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service memo, the Obama Administration blatantly confirmed amnesty is their number one objective regarding illegal immigration.  Actually calling removal of persons who are not in the United States legally a “threat”, this is not only proof of a Capitol Hill rumor that was just in the past few month showing teeth, but another spit mark on the Constitution made by our current leader.

                While the Constitution is vague when discussing the ability and standards of Executive orders, it does show that it is within the limits of the leader that the actions should stand.  Nonetheless, through an Executive Order Obama plans to replace actual and real reform regarding Immigration with aspects that equal amnesty for illegal aliens; The same document Obama used to lure upcoming former legislator Bart Stupak which turned out to be less worth the ink used to write it, the document in question discusses it will include steps such as a “deferred action” to allow illegal aliens to stay in the country, legally as well as extending the “grace period”…

       As said before, the document is a well awaited response from members of Congress who have been flooding the White House with inquiries since the rumor of Obama Amnesty began to start holding water.  National Review recently reported Sen. Chuck Grassley and others in Congress have been pressing the administration to refute the rumors and in response to the discovered Memo a Grassley Spokesman said: “Since the senators first wrote to the president more than a month ago, we have not been reassured that the plans are just rumors, and we have every reason to believe that the memo is legitimate.”

       However, now that we have proof, this not only shows the pending outrageous use of power by our current president but the already hinted real reason why Arizona now has a date with an appellate court.  This within itself can show the reasoning that was placed behind the lawsuit papers against Arizona because, despite the glimmer of hope actions such as actually using the federal factors that make S.B. 1070 carried for immigration reform, there was already a pre-existing readiness for amnesty.       

      The dangerous thing is other than the Courts or the Congress Obama’s order cannot be stopped.  Because of the planned pathway, which discussed the aspects of amnesty as a prospective solution “in the absence of meaningful immigration reform”, it will be “absent” of legislative action such as votes.  Once again constitutionally the allowance for a Executive Order is vague, but is obviously surrounding the aspect that there is a need for it to be constitutional and not beyond the abilities of a President; Two things which this possible Order is not.

      The conclusion to what this proof means to the nation is an illegal alien, seen by Democrats as the only way they can keep control, may possibly get a long term gift whose aftermath can and will risk the nation even further than their existence already has.  While Obama makes friends with illegal aliens, the legal citizens of this nation are sidestepped against themselves and the document they were raised within: The Constitution.

About Heather Bachman
Former White House Intern and campaign manager, Heather Bachman is an increasingly recognized political strategist and correspondent. It was during her college career that Heather Bachman's life first became political. An outspoken member of the collegiate governance and Human Relations Advisory Board, Heather produced and hosted two political radio programs (first of their kind for the University). One, The Political Hour mirrored the famed FoxNews Hannity and Colmes program and the other The Bachman Group mirrored The McLaughlin Group. Both won her the University's prestigious Rhett Rich Award. Heather served under President George W. Bush as a White House Intern before graduating Monmouth University with Pi Sigma Alpha Honors. She continued her political education and objectives serving under former Congressman J.C. Watts, Senator Sean T. Kean and taking positions in local campaigns from Assembly to Congress to President. Today, Heather is producing the radio program Heather on the Hill which is currently being shopped for a network home but until then can be heard online at Sundays at 10am EST. She says she created them in order to fill a void within the conservative political community as well as society as a whole which, she believes, has affected elections and therefore the nation’s future too many times..

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