Windmills Literally Blowing in the Wind

Many say “What can possibly be wrong with windmills to generate electrical power?” But it doesn’t seem to be a thinking solution to perceived energy problems for the US. A few suggestions for the non-thinker: 1) What is the actual cost? 2) How much land or water will actually be needed?, 3) What has been the result of previous wind turbines built? And the coup-de-gras, 4) How much of US energy concerns can it displace?

In Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of …the Future, Robert Bryce shows how wind turbines can only produce a small amount of the world’s energy needs. He points out wind won’t run America anytime soon. If one checks the math, answers leap into your face.

Stephen Lovejoy [Economist: Wind farm profits wouldn't be a breeze for Hoosiers] says, “Are you willing to put up with noise? You’ve got to remember that if you’ve got several dozen turbine rotors going around in the wind, they make noise.”

Although wind energy is clean, this technology has environmental pitfalls. There is always a fair…