Lesbian Battering: The Sisterhood Turns on Itself

A series of high-profile cases of lesbian-perpetrated domestic violence has sent shock-waves through Massachusetts communities in recent months:

1. On February 16, a Suffolk Superior Court jury convicted Nicole Chuminski on two counts of second-degree murder, following a fire that killed the two daughters of her lover Anna Reisopoulos. During a heated argument between the two, Chuminski reportedly fell into a fit of rage. A few hours later Chuminski returned to her partner’s apartment and hurled an acetone-laden firebomb into the front door.

Sophia and Acia, ages 2 and 14, were burned beyond recognition, so dental records were needed for positive identification.

2. On March 29 Annamarie Rintala of Granby, Mass. was found dead by strangulation in the basement of the house she shared with her domestic partner Cara. Cara had been previously charged with domestic violence after she struck Annamarie in the back of the head with a closed fist.

3. Eunice Field of Brockton, Mass. found herself on the losing end of a bitter ménage à trois. So on August 9 she marched to the apartment of Lorraine Wachsman. There she grabbed a serrated knife and stabbed Wachsman in the back and neck. Dispelling any doubt about her intentions, she then…

Race does NOT need to be Discussed

Race is old hat, right out of the 1950’s. Time to get over it. There’ll always be a deranged small minority who believes a different race is to be impugned. But one party thinks race is what you talk about to get elected. Buckle up if you are a member of either group.

As in Joseph Phillips’ column: America: Still Talking About Race, one of the things Obama said he was trying to do was change the conversation on race. Unfortunately, he has done the exact opposite. As an alleged black president, the country has race on its mind more than ever (even though Obama is only 45% black).

Racism has been charged so many times by one party that it’s becoming worn out, like the old fairy tale about the boy crying ‘wolf’. Representatives Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel have claimed racism is one of the reasons behind investigations into their dishonest dealings.

How about the time Obama used an alleged break-in incident to flash the race card by saying the police ‘reacted stupidly’ after Gates (house owner) was arrested for disorderly conduct. As the police report states, Sergeant James Crowley was a “police academy expert on racial profiling.”

With anthropogenic global…

Discussion of Reason for Beck’s Rally Its Own Cry for Help

         It is not news to hear that we are in an environment of bias which is fueled by our mainstream media. It is not even news when we hear that people who speak truth are pushed down by this sector. However, a recent situation has forced us to not only see the strength of this realization but also the danger. Read more

Political Correctness Run Amuck

Terrorist Weapon of Electromagnetic Pulse Shunned by Administration

Many have no idea that EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. Terrorists know the unimaginable damage an EMP attack would cause by using a small nuclear armed missile from any freighter off the US coast.

A nuclear explosion can react with molecules in the upper atmosphere, resulting in an invisible radio frequency, a million times stronger than the most intense earth radio signal. At an elevation of three hundred miles, the entire continental US would be exposed to a “line-of-site” pulse radiating down at the speed of light.

An EMP attack would cripple America, with its current infrastructure dependency on electricity and electronics [Nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) - Imminent danger to the US # 1]. Over-stressed power grids, non-shielded electrical systems, cascading loss of power, lack of refrigeration leaving food to rot, lack of transportation from vehicles out of gas (no electricity to pump), inability to sanitize or pump water—all leading to large scale rioting, and eventually starvation and disease.

In Jon Kyl’s (S-R/AZ) Unready For This Attack (washingtonpost.com), detonating a $100,000 Scud launched to the US atmosphere from international waters could have irreversible effects on the US’s ability to support a large portion of population.

Frank Gaffney’s [Chap.6; War Footing] in World…

Using our Rights against Our Own: The 9-11 Mosque and Religious Rights

       There is one consistent factor of our society which we are seeing more and more: Using our rights against ourselves in order to protect others.  A great recent example is the 9-11 Mosque.  Almost daily, people are debating the 9-11 Mosque and whether it should be placed two blocks where terrorists involved in the same religion took down the twin towers and changed the nation and the world forever.  When the Mosque was first announced, it was a blip on the television. Aside from some conservative groups and tea party members, even the related rallies was lacking publicity despite taking place right where most mainstream media has their central headquarters.  Now that it has been approved, people are screaming and the media responding.

      Just as immediately, political leaders began to state the right to practice religion as a reason why this factor should not be evaded.  Aside from the fact that the head of the project will not present where his millions in funding came from and has discussed his project in one breath while blaming America for the attack in the second, America once again has to turn the other cheek while being spit in the face.  Defending religious… Read more

Obama Takes Easy Road on Race

Obama ascended to the presidency an almost messiah-like figure transcending racial confinements.  He embodied our optimism for a post-racial presidency, for an advance in race relations.  He united most of us and his approval ratings soared across racial lines.  Almost two years into his administration the charade has been lifted.

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Abortion Options: Limit Lifetime, Restrict Childbearing, and/or Suffer

If you opt for an abortion, you opt for restrictions on your life including death. That doesn’t sound like ‘empowering’ the woman, but weakening her, limiting her choices, and forcing her to be subservient to the whims of society. Of course, it doesn’t include putting a human to death. One that already has every chromosome in place that includes hair color, intelligence, gender, and all attributes. Read more

With Kagan’s Nomination, We Get A Lifetime Obama

      The bottom line, however you want to look at it, to Obama’s selection for Supreme Court is the choice’s reasoning is for his power only.  Not only is Kagan not a correct choice for the nation but for the court as well; especially in this time of war and fiscal challenge.

      No matter who it is, everyone you will speak to about Kagan has their own ideas of her but the one thing that stands out within everyone’s response is clear: “No experience in the judicial chambers.” Although many follow that up with other previous members of the Supreme Court and their glowing background as justices, it is not just the experience but what comes along with it that we should be just as concerned with.  It is the timing of her arrival.

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Will Obama Outsource US Airlift to Russia or France?

With the headlines dominated by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a controversial recess appointment, and Cold-war-era spy swaps, it is easy to lose sight of some very important national security issues. How the government spends money is often the real policy more than press secretary statements. With Congress considering defense appropriations, an important question is whether Congress and the President will provide our military with the equipment that they need to do their job and whether the Administration will attempt to balance the budget on the backs of our troops.

There is strong bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for maintaining and purchasing the widely versatile and highly capable C-17 airlifter. It is the only U.S. made military wide-body airlifter and it is the most flexible and most capable airlifter in the world. The C-17 can perform strategic and tactical missions, and serve military and humanitarian functions. It can land on standard runways and austere remote dirt airfields anywhere around the world. It can airlift troops, equipment, and supplies on a moment’s notice, as well as perform medical evacuations. Read more