Imam: Prospective Mosque Location not "Hallowed Ground"

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   In the English language certain phrases are not tricky but are done by many political leaders as a ploy for their own success. Governmental members, especially in recent times, are continually redefining some of clearest phrases such as “Financial reform” and “Student Loan Overhaul.”  Even more recently, we come to find even religious leaders also redefining phrases for their own sake. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has attempted to create his own definition of the phrase “sacred ground” to pretty much anything but he plans to build a Cordoba House/Park 51 mosque.

           Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Imam discusses the constant declaration toward the site a “misperception” of what the location really is.  Once again, however, the definition still stands no matter what is said by any leader.  The dictionary discusses hallowed ground as a location, “regarded with great respect or
reverence.” With over two thousand lives lost and many others throughout the nation still affected, respect and reverence is definitely the correct reaction to this area.
        Nonetheless, many have stood behind Imam despite not only the respect that this definite hallowed ground deserves but also the fact that the building was affected by the terrorist attacks.  Two blocks away from the World Trade Center, landing gear of one of the two planes heading into the World Trade Center collided into the rooftop of this former Burlington Coat Factory.  Hence, not only is it part of a ground that should be “regarded with great respect and reverence,” but also was a part of the situations which caused it to become such ground.
       If we are really looking into prospective definitions such as the Imam’s belief in the phrase hallowed ground, let us look at a future definition of what it means to certain people within his religion if this Mosque is placed at this particular location. Counterterrorism expert Michael Scheuer recently told Newsmax that construction of a
mosque near ground zero would be viewed as a “symbol of victory” by Muslim extremists.
       The definition of him being called a moderate too should be under
examination. The Imam has said America has more Muslim blood on its hands than Al-Queda then calling this Cordoba House/Park 51 mosque a way to foster a “healing dialogue” while declaring that he will not call Hamas a terrorist organization. Returning from a Department of State trip paid for by the same people the he is now questioning, he continued to affirm that people were using the situation which he calls a “crisis for political gain or even…fame.”  This phrasing sounds like the definition of him. Despite claims that he is attempting to build a “bridge” for the future, his refusals to discuss other locations that are not only at times cheaper but also closer to the majority of the Muslim community of New York show he knows what the location does to his cause is doing to this nation.  While we are being forced to debate our own rights, the same rights which radicals of his religion attack us for, and question our own standings on them, he is preparing what an anti-terrorism expert calls something which will be seen as a “symbol of victory.”  That is a definition we cannot afford to ignore.

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