National Organization for Women Defends Christine O'Donnell »

Call me shocked! The grossly misnamed National Organization for Women is DEFENDING conservative candidate Christine O’Donnell.  O’Donnell recently found herself the focus of a gossip article suggesting that she had been drunk and behaved as some sort of slut/tease combo years ago at a Halloween party. The anonymous accuser told “Gawker” (an online gossip tabloid) that […]

Reid’s former Press Secretary Situation Screams Another Threat To Our Nation »

Political offices have their own personalities, usually reflecting either the leadership or the party involved.  However, there is an unspoken rule and understanding that whatever you do or have done can and will affect your political boss.  In turn, the political leader has a consistent requirement to know pretty much everything about you and the […]

The Tea Party: Midterm Implications & Beyond »

As we inch closer to November 2nd, a burgeoning political bandwagon finds itself emboldened day by day. It is hard to escape the constant chatter regarding its representatives and their so-far-down-the-right isle-you-might-pass-Bill O’ Reilly, ideology. There is no doubt many predict this being perhaps a ‘tea party’ election, but is it really fair to say […]

Stacy Bannerman’s Domestic Violence Hoax »

Stacy Bannerman, well-known advocate for military families, recently published an article titled, “Husbands Who Bring the War Home:” Author of When the War Came Home, Bannerman has been credited for helping to secure passage of the Military Family Leave Act in 2009. As weary American troops return from their Iraqi deployment, the Bannerman column […]

It Seems Obama had a REASON for omitting Creator »

In only 34 days, Obama has managed to eliminate any reference to “Creator” from any recitation made of the Declaration of Independence. America’s framers designed a concept, that all men have been “endowed by their Creator” with “certain unalienable rights,” including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” But in 3 separate occasions in that […]

Alex Sink: Daniel Webster 2010, Alan Grayson 2012? »

This term will see redistricting, a once in a decade process by which all congressional, state level and regional seats are redrawn. We need to work hard to elect a Republican governor, unless we want to cede as many as 6 congressional seats to the Democrats.

As of this email, Sandy Adams is poised to beat Suzanne Kosmas. We may well be on track to seeing Allen West elected to Congress in South Florida. Alan Grayson appears to be going down to defeat in FL-8.

But elect Alex Sink as governor and Alan Grayson, Suzanne Kosmas, Alan Boyd and Ron Klein may well be back in two years, not to mention the future of the two new seats being gained by Florida in the process.

Tea Party Endorsement Stress Trauma »

The dreaded PEST is back with a vengeance.  Post-Election Stress Trauma emerged in the U.S. in 2004 after President Bush won reelection.  The symptoms included feelings of sadness, frustration, isolation, bitterness, moodiness and fear.  In severe cases it elicited irrational impulses to emigrate to Canada or even France. PEST in 2010 has mutated into the […]

Freedom of Speech 101 »

When I began traversing the blog world in 2004 it was commonly argued that the Internet was the last bastion of free speech.  If this argument regarding mainstream media “bias” holds true, then it makes sense that the blogosphere plays home to the last vestiges of communication liberty.  After all, it isn’t like most of us bloggers […]

UN Ripe for US Budget Cutting »

Reducing the US budget over $5 billion/year sounds too good to be true. Actually 1.2 billion is the US share (22% in 2010). But the ‘peacekeeping budget’ is a whopping $7.8 billion/yr, of which the US is responsible for over 27%, or $2.1 billion. The offending party—the UN. The place—Manhattan. The damage—at least $3.3 billion/year.

Ignorance of Dems is Now Going Too Far »

            Ignorance. It is a factor of the liberal leadership and has been pretty much accepted by aspects of society such as the media.  However, Massachusetts Representative Tierney has given another definition to the word as he consistently states he did not know anything regarding his own wife’s involvement in her brother’s illegal business.

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