The Atrocity of Another Black/White Civil War

In this war, no one wins. The country will be decimated, mistrust among the citizens will abound, and black/white racism will be rampant in the populace. What could possibly start a war among fellow citizens who share everything except the same skin color? Read more


Recently the newly elected Republican members of Congress gathered to discuss whether or not there should be a moratorium on the use of earmarks in spending bills. It was a discussion they didn’t need to have. Any and all of the old procedures for determining how our taxes are spent should have been viewed as something to get rid of as soon as possible. The whole system of taxation needs to be changed! Earmarks are just one of the ways that special interest groups are paid off. Earmarks must be permanently eliminated. Their elimination will be the beginning of the drastic reformation of our country’s tax code.

If earmarks are not the problem, then what is the problem? All of our tax laws from the XVI Amendment to the millions of regulations that the IRS tries to enforce are the problem! The solution is to simplify the tax laws so that your 1040 form would fit on a postcard.

Total income  $75,000
Times 1%             x 1%
Taxes due       $     750

No deductions, no adjustments and no exemptions. Everyone’s taxes would be a bill to be paid once a quarter. This person would have an annual tax bill of $3,000. A mere four 4% of their…

Obama’s Domestic Violence Initiative: Hope, Hype, and Hogwash

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So shortly before the November 2 elections, Barack Obama pulled out all the stops to woo the fading female electorate, unveiling a multi-pronged effort to “end domestic violence against women,” as the president theatrically called it. But did the president’s 5-point initiative deliver on the goods?

Let’s begin with Obama’s Hope about “ending” domestic violence. Folks, let’s get real – the only way to put a stop to partner aggression – think Blondie chasing Dagwood with her rolling pin at the ready — would be to separate men and women at birth and ship them off to opposite corners of the universe.

But wait! It turns out domestic violence is twice as high among lesbians as among heterosexual married couples. Well, scratch that idea.

If the hopey-hopey routine doesn’t do the trick, let’s turn to the Hype. And here, Tinker Bell’s magic wand sparkles with a wondrous gleam.

Because President Obama has taken to casting a spell on women with this Abuse Fairy Tale: Take a piece of paper and inscribe the words, “Stay away, you big meanie!” Sprinkle Pixie Dust, and now call it a Restraining Order.

And the would-be ravisher of women will slink…

Pew Survey on Religion Wrong

It is unfortunate Pew Research Center for the People & the Press does a religious survey, and gets most of its premises incorrect. First, they assume all religions are equal. Second, they fail to mention the largest religion in the US, even though their analysis concerns the population’s religious traditions.

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Feminist Amy Siskind: Trojan Horse to the Conservative Cause?

Last Tuesday, 51% of the female electorate pulled the lever in favor of the GOP candidate to the U.S. House of Representatives. And for the first time in recent memory, a majority of women voted Republican.

Refusing to concede defeat, the National Organization for Women promptly instructed its members to organize. And to the Gender Guerillas, “organize” includes infiltrating the conservative ranks.

Exhibit A is Amy Siskind’s recent editorial, “The Republican Party’s Historic Opportunity with Women,” in which she purports to offer advice to conservatives on how to attract the female vote:

But before we take a look at her manifesto – er, column – we might first ask, Who is Amy Siskind and what does she stand for?

Co-founder and president of the offbeat The New Agenda, Siskind is an unabashed proponent of abortion rights: “I am pro-choice and reproductive rights are important to me,” she boasted in her August 30 Huffington Post column. So when Nancy Pelosi jettisoned insurance funding for abortion services from the health reform bill, Siskind savaged the Speaker of the House for the mortal sin of “betraying the sisterhood.”

Siskind is amazingly candid in laying out her vision of a gender utopia. In her November 23, 2009 column…


On November 2, 2010 the Republicans were again given control of the House of Representatives. When the Republicans were first given control in 1994 they did not keep the promises made by the Republican Contract with America to reduce the size of our government. Not all of them could be kept due to the natural give and take of politics and some were just typical campaign promises. But by making the Contract with America (CWA) the Republicans upped the expectations of what they could and would do to reduce the size of our government. After the 1998 election most of the promises of the CWA were forgotten. They had returned to politics as usual. It was only on their campaigns that the Republicans paid any attention to the idea of fiscal conservatism. Public anger over this caused the Republicans to lose control of Congress in 2006 with an even greater loss of seats and the White House in 2008.

Which brings up the question, “Will 2010 be a repeat of 1994?” It could. Not only could it be a repeat of 1994 but if the Republicans act as they did after 1998 it could also be the death knell of the…

Men Power Conservatives to a Landslide Victory

Tuesday’s election marked a stunning turn-around for the Republican Party, which gained 60 new seats in the House and an six additional seats in the Senate. As much as any other demographic, it was conservative men who brought the GOP back from two dreary years in the political wilderness.

Overall, 56% of the male electorate voted Republican, compared to 49% of women, according to exit polls: While women are known to outnumber men, the 7-point gender gap was more than enough for men to leverage the GOP to a ringing victory that resonated from the coal fields of Pennsylvania to the sun-kissed beaches of Florida and the bayous of Louisiana.

The male surge was felt across all major racial/ethnic groups. Compared to 2008, the percentage of white male voters who voted Republican expanded from 54% to 63%, according to the CNN exit polls. Same with Latino men, who saw an increase from 28% to 38%. And the number of Black males swept into the GOP ranks doubled, going from 7% in 2008 to 14% in 2010.

In race after race, energized men rescued the Republican Party from its electoral doldrums.

Take Florida, where the charismatic Marco Rubio handily beat Charlie Crist. While 64%…

Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, & Liberal Math

In the interest of fairness, I will admit right up front, I don’t care for Rachel Maddow. In my role as a political commentator, I watch, listen to, and read the ideas, positions, and beliefs of perhaps hundreds of people each week, many with whom I don’t agree. I can respect people who don’t share my positions, provided they are thoughtful, genuine, and fair. In my opinion Rachel Maddow is none of these. Aside from her snarky, sarcastic comments and sweeping, erroneous, generations about the beliefs of conservatives, she suffers from “liberal math.” 

The Keith Olbermann situation is a perfect case in point. As most of you now know, Keith Olbermann, star of MSNBC’s Countdown was suspended without pay, indefinitely on Friday for previously contributing the campaigns of three politicians. The terms of Olbermann’s contract with MSNBC clearly state that he is not allowed to make political campaign contributions or endorse political candidates without receiving permission to do so, in advance, from MSNBC. 

The math is simple. Employment contract stating that Olbermann can’t make political contributions + Olbermann making political contribution = Olbermann suspension. 

Unfortunately, Rachel Maddow doesn’t understand actual math, but she offers us all her “insight” anyway.  Read more

Atheists Beware–a Bona Fide Reason for God

When one questions the greatest minds in astrophysics and cosmology (e.g., Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking) about finding a “Creator”, they could not propose a universe with no beginning, and found the task impossible. Show Me God is a scientific account of the cosmos written by Fred Heeren, Science Journalist, Science Journalist, pointing directly to (a) God.

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Cowardly spiritual leaders censor messages, not Big Brother

Some want you to believe spiritual leaders across the land are a bunch of cowards more afraid of the IRS than the Almighty.

For instance, Wayne Gruden, research professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary, recently opined that since 1954 the IRS has forced churches to refrain from promoting or opposing any political candidate by name.

“The IRS has insists that any speech by churches that deals with candidates for political office, including a pastor’s sermon, could result in a church losing its non-profit, tax-exempt status,”  Gruden says. “This law has suppressed the valuable moral guidance that American pulpits could be contributing to our political process.”

Wasn’t it the president’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who preached, “God damn George Bush?” Haven’t blacks Baptists, Catholics and Jews used the pulpit for political change over the decades?

Was God truly kicked out of government schools that same year as some well-meaning, but ignorant, writers would have us believe? Students in my post-1954 generation prayed every time the words “pop quiz” or “test” were announced.

Like the previous myth, no church has ever lost its tax-exempt status. The only church to ever lose its IRS tax-exempt letter is the Church at Pierce Creek in Binghamton, N.Y.…

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