Steele Takes Credit For Conservative Landslide »

If Republican National Committee leader Michael Steele’s announcement that he intends to seek re-election to the leadership office that he has disgraced for the past two years isn’t enough to change your “ho-ho-ho” to NO-NO-NO, then his taking credit for the conservative landslide of the midterm elections will.  Acknowledging his occasional “stumble” as the head […]

What is government's role in social programs? »

A former Bush administration official, Michael Gerson, threw that idea out in the November issue of Christianity Today in support of the welfare state. That might explain why Gerson’s great, great grandchildren will not be U.S. citizens. Following this strategy, there will not be a United States. “The mainstream Christian reflection has concluded that government […]

What is government's role in social programs? Part I »

There is no question society has a responsibility to care for the poor and needy. Both major religions and governments recognize this. However, in these days of gazillion dollar deficits and the need for budget control. Five hundred years before Christ, the Jews were instructed not to oppress the poor as they showed mercy and […]

Global Warming Believers Misunderstand a 'Closed System" »

Can believing the earth is not a closed system hurl non-technical people down the forsaken path of anthropogenic global warming? Physics tells us that there are 3 types of systems: a closed system (cannot exchange matter, but can exchange heat), an isolated system (exchanges nothing), and an open system (exchanges everything). The earth, therefore, IS […]

America Belongs in Space »

NASA has been in the news for all the wrong reasons the past twelve months. First, the White House reportedly directed NASA to concentrate on Earth-based projects like researching climate change rather than returning to the moon, reestablishing U.S. space dominance, or exploring Mars. Second, Obama’s NASA administrator Charles Bolden revealed that one of President […]

Restraining Orders Hurt Women…and Men »

Grace Krejci of West Allis, Wis. took out a restraining order on her separated husband. Last week the deranged man broke into her house because their 5-year-old son hadn’t been picked up at school. Minutes later Grace lay dead of a bullet wound. Toni Brown of Washington, DC had an order of protection, believing that […]

The Murkowski Experiment »

Today, as Republican primary winner Joe Miller and primary loser Lisa Murkowski assemble legal teams to determine the validity of thousands of write-in votes, the “news” blathers on and on about the historic significance of a “write in” candidate winning an election, an occurrence which hadn’t happened since Strom Thurmon won a Senatorial seat as […]

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