Pres. Obama is a Moderate? »

In his Jan. 24, 2011 column E.J. Dionne asks if Pres. Obama should retreat or spend the next two years consolidating the gains Obama has made. My question is what gains has Obama made? Passing a bill that a majority of our country doesn’t want, that was passed before it was written, and one that […]

China Scenario Overwhelms US in Taiwan Strait »

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) claims the Chinese Air Force Could Overwhelm Opponents – Patriot Update in a battle in the Taiwan Strait. Even with a 6 to 1 kill ratio by American jets, a Rand simulation program in “war gaming” still reveals that the Americans would lose. This was revealed in an interview […]

The Bogus Blame Game »

Shortly after a crazed gunman opened fire on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and almost two dozen others in the immediate area, the mainstream media and the professional Left began to blame conservatives for creating a climate of anger and hatred. We did not even know the gunman’s name or even if there were co-conspirators, but the […]

Luckily for Giffords ObamaCare Isn’t Yet In force »

I will preface the following with this statement. What happened to Gabrielle Giffords (and the others) was a tragedy. However, as with most tragedies, Giffords’ situation in particular provides us with a very succinct learning opportunity.  It’s pretty easy to pass judgment and decide what is best for everyone else when you aren’t personally affected […]

GOP Unprecedented Opportunities to Reach Voters & Donors »

This week, now that I’m back from holiday, I will be writing about the unprecedented opportunities that the GOP has to reach out to voters, create an effective brand, generate deserved voter loyalty, and raise both funds and awareness in this pre-campaign cycle season. At perhaps no other time in history have so many tools […]

Opportunities in Tragedy »

Within a few minutes of the Arizona shooting, politicians rushed to shove shooter Jared Loughner into the political camp of their opponents. With no motive, no warning, not even a name, the opportunity to make the murders of (at that time) an unknown number of people, political, simply couldn’t be resisted. The tragedy gave those […]

Statist or Constitutionalist »

Which type of government do you want? That is the question that confronts American politics today. Do we want Statist or a Constitutionalist government? What is the difference between them? A Constitutionalist wants the limited government that lives by the checks and balances in our Constitution. A Statist believes that our Constitution is a “living […]

The Pill Can Result in Abortion »

Shocking news to people who consider themselves pro-life. Many politicians even run on the term ‘pro-life’ without realizing they might be killing their baby, and probably sending her/him down the commode. Are they negligent of reality, or do they want to use the term pro-life to ‘score’ some votes at the ballot box? Even if […]

The 2010 Election What it was, what it is & what it will be »

What the election of 2010 was, was the people of this country telling our elected officials two things about their “solutions” to our problems 1) they don’t work and 2) they actually make our problems worse! Government programs in the long run do not work. They are at best a temporary fix to our problems. […]

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