Luckily for Giffords ObamaCare Isn’t Yet In force

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I will preface the following with this statement. What happened to Gabrielle Giffords (and the others) was a tragedy. However, as with most tragedies, Giffords’ situation in particular provides us with a very succinct learning opportunity. 

It’s pretty easy to pass judgment and decide what is best for everyone else when you aren’t personally affected by the result. Over reaching politicians, eager to push their own personal agendas as well as those paid for by corporations and “private interests” so often sell off the rights of the individuals they are supposed to represent. ObamaCare, wrapped up in the warm fuzzy words of “betterment of society” is set to rob people of the most basic human right, the control over their own bodies. 

Gabrielle Giffords was a proponent of ObamaCare. She agreed that the rights of millions of Americans should be subjugated to the government. She agreed that the government would be a better custodian of your medical care than your own doctor. Perhaps most ironic, she supported the idea that those who would be a financial burden to the medical system, using more than their fair share of medical resources or have (what a panel deems) a low quality of life, should be terminated. She supported ObamaCare. But the miraculously recovering Giffords should be very thankful that ObamaCare isn’t in force today. 

Under ObamaCare (section 936) the “worth” of Giffords’ life would be weighed against the financial costs of care and likelihood of returning to be a productive member of society. The likelihood of a person surviving a point blank, shot to the head is very remote. A person surviving a front to back, through the skull shot is almost non-existent. Maintaining a brain injured person is extremely expensive with months, maybe years, or even decades of care. Under ObamaCare, Giffords’ medical care would unfairly allocate resources away from others. Under ObamaCare, Giffords’ prognosis would deem her unworthy of life saving or sustaining medical care. Under ObamaCare, we would not have the daily updates…she opened her eyes…she smiled….she is a miracle. Under ObamaCare Giffords would have simply become a statistic. 

I wonder if Giffords can comprehend the irony of her support of ObamaCare, when ObamaCare would not have supported her life.

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