Age-Old Tradition Thrown into the Waste Can »

In Asheville (NC) the tradition of Marriage may have just been altered beyond comprehension. Some people are screaming that they just want equal treatment. But with marriage, people are given a privilege, not a right. But many consider Asheville a bump in the road and an exception to the rule. It’s been said that up […]

Michele Bachmann Channels Her Inner Pelosi: We have to extend the Patriot Act to Find Out What’s In It. »

Michele Bachmann had quite a gig going for a while. Attractive, well spoken, sharp witted with a friendly delivery, Bachmann had been a Tea Party darling from the beginning of the movement. Less polarizing than Palin, many considered Bachmann to be the best chance for a conservative Presidential contender. The first Republican woman elected to […]

Political Leanings from Good Morning America »

The morning of 2/3/11, Good Morning America (GMA) ran a “profiling” piece from John Quinones, a seven-time Emmy Awards winner with “Primetime Live” and “20/20” work. He attempted to demonstrate firsthand profiling cases in Arizona against illegal Mexicans. He thought his case was made when he was fingered himself for portraying an illegal alien in […]

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