Out-of-the-Box Thinking for an Out-of-Control Budget

Certainly the $1.6 trillion dollar budget must not only be reigned in, but people must think “out-of-the-box”.  The money can be easily cut, but too many are worried about an item’s ‘priority’. Budget shortfall would not exist at all if simple priorities were changed. Read more

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Venuti?

Labels, Labels, liberals love a label. Right-wing Extremist. Neo-Con. Tea Bagger. It seems that few conservatives can avoid being branded with an ugly moniker designed to shame them into an easily definable (and dismissible) box. 

One of the most important lessons learned by pundits, politicians, and the power hungry, at the feet of domestic terrorist and liberal icon Saul Alinsky, was the importance of disarming and disabling an opponent. In his seminal, step-by-step guide to mass manipulation and societal over throw, “Rules For Radicals,” Alinsky counseled his devotes to “pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” In order to marginalize someone, to eliminate them as a threat, he explained, you have to publically humiliate them, blame them for the ills of society, make them personally responsible for something horrendous, and force them to run and hide. Honesty and integrity were simply concepts that got in the way of success. These tactics have been used to keep good men and women out of the political arena or scare opponents. 

Most Republicans or conservatives are boxed and branded with the tired (but effective) “rich, old, white man.” “Rich” is liberal code for uncaring, disconnected, and greedy. Read more