Suspected Ozone Loss May Never Have Involved CFC’s

It was done recently with Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), just as 20-30 years ago with Ozone Depletion. With AGW, it was hyped to be a destroyer of ecology, and a harbinger of possible death. Instead, people found natural variations changing earth’s climate, from hot to cold. It’s seems likely natural variations affect the ozone as well. Read more

The Photoshop Scandal That Really Matters

May is shaping up to be Photoshop month. Many Americans are scouring the internet for “real” pictures of a bullet ridden Osama, finding only Photoshopped, B-movie versions. Others examine the latest offering from the White House in the continuing saga of the “real” birth certificate that may or may not be. With YouTube videos popping up all over the place showing a step-by-step guide as to how Obama’s birth certificate “could” have been created with Photoshop, this has been a banner month for Adobe, the firm behind the photo manipulation software.

But the real scandal should be the latest Photoshopped picture. A photo snapped in the White House Situation Room, showing Obama and his advisors, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason, the Director of Counterterrorism, as they watched the unfolding Osama bin Ladin operation, has received the Photoshop treatment from both Der Tzitung and De Voch, Hasidic newspapers out of New York.

Der Tzeitung (The Newspaper) and De Voch (The Week) ran the photo, but omitted Hillary and Audrey Tomason, removing them completely. The result was a firestorm of controversy as women’s groups and the White House, which prohibits official photos being altered, cried foul!  Read more