Embracing Conservative Women Essential For Long Term Tea Party Success »

(Originally written for the Tea Party Review Magazine, an edited version appears as the cover story of their June edition)

One hundred and sixty-three years ago, a small group of conservative women met in Seneca Falls, New York to demand equal pay for equal work, the right to own property, and the right to vote. The so called “Seneca Falls Convention” was the birthplace for all American women’s rights battles …

The Art of Killing Young Life »

Young unborn tigers being killed in their mother’s womb is not accepted in our society. What about killing young unborn golden retrievers? If large enough, the baby retrievers would have to be removed piece by piece, or if almost full term, would have to be wholly removed and left to die outside of the womb somewhere. …

Lamestream Media Weenies »

The mainstream media has been dishing up a bunch of contaminated wienerschnitzel.

It’s no secret the mainstream media wallows in leftist propaganda, but when confronted with the proposition that most American journalists are registered Democrats they assure us they compartmentalize their personal views form their reporting.

Even if one is gullible enough to accept this it still begs the question of their choice of stories. Consider that Brian Williams, the …

The UK Calls Obama On un-Presidential Memorial Day Behavior »

Fair or not, part of being a successful President is appearing Presidential. For people both here and abroad that means that the leader of the free world should be dignified in his mannerisms and respectful of traditions and sentiments. While we here in the US have been aware of distinctly un-Presidential behavior, the mainstream media still seems eager to cover up Obama’s gaffs and faux pauxs with almost the same …

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