A Real Challenge To The Racists at MSNBC

No one should be surprised that the media has invested all of its might to lynch Herman Cain now that has become a front-runner in the GOP presidential primary. Nearly 3 weeks ago the liberal writers at Saturday Night Live lampooned him for not having a chance. Since then, Americans have taken notice of his pragmatic approach to solving our country’s problems. The media is attempting to destroy Herman Cain because Herman Cain is a politically conservative black man in America, an unprotected minority. Although he has become a Titan in business like Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, and Bob Johnson. Liberals have created conditions where expressing conservative belief subjects blacks to another set of standards.

The most disgusting example of the media lynching was the interview by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. O’Donnell’s questions were predictably misleading. That’s to be expected because they cater their content to a small (and I mean small) leftist fringe. He relentlessly attempted to cast Herman Cain as a race traitor through innuendo like accusing him of not participating in civil rights demonstrations, insulting his father, and misrepresenting passages from his book. I concluded than this Ivy League elitist has ordained himself with the authority to declare…

About Andre Harper
Andre Harper is the founder and president of The Knowledge Movement, LLC and author of Political Emancipation: Observations from a Black Man Who Rejected Liberal Indoctrination. He can be reached at www.AndreHarper.com.

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