Current Crop of Candidates Show Tea Party Message Lost on the GOP Establishment

For a lot of conservatives, 2010 was a year of almost unbridled hope. Thanks to the Tea Party and groups like GOOOH and American Majority it appeared as if the will and desire of the people, in regards to representative government, could be achieved. Men and women from across the country set aside their successful careers, privacy, and their anonymity and jumped into the political ring of fire.

The Founding Fathers believed that political representation should not be the domain of wealth or legacy. Having come from a country where you had to vote for the landlord’s son or the factory owner’s son if you wanted to keep your home or job, those patriots wrote tirelessly about the evils and dangers of electing the child of privilege who had no real life experience or goals outside of a career at the Capital. Similarly, they decried electing generation after generation of politicians who seemed to be only “of the people” when it came time to give a speech, pass the collection hat, or beg for a vote.

It’s not the Founding Fathers were against wealth. In fact, many of them were wealthy men. But after witnessing first hand the treacheries of politics Read more

Can Abortion Kill the Republican Overthrow of Obama?

This has been a crazy week when it comes to the abortion debate. And by crazy, I mean that a handful of Republican politicians, have shoved their foot into their mouth…at least to the knee.

Let me get this little disclaimer out of the way first,

  • – I am a fiscal conservative.
  • – I have never had an abortion.
  • – I have never been in a situation that would lead me to consider having an abortion.

BUT abortion is currently legal & perhaps most importantly, statistics show that the vast majority of women who consider abortion as an option do so because they do not believe that they can financially care for a child on their own.

The far right narrative of “recreational birth control,” where women run around getting pregnant and then popping down to the local clinic for an abortion and a manicure is a vile, misogynistic, fantasy that portrays women as both immoral and self absorbed.

It is also a plays right into the hand of the liberals who drag this issue out during every tough election.

Here is how the scenario works: Read more