Can Abortion Kill the Republican Overthrow of Obama?

This has been a crazy week when it comes to the abortion debate. And by crazy, I mean that a handful of Republican politicians, have shoved their foot into their mouth…at least to the knee.

Let me get this little disclaimer out of the way first,

  • – I am a fiscal conservative.
  • – I have never had an abortion.
  • – I have never been in a situation that would lead me to consider having an abortion.

BUT abortion is currently legal & perhaps most importantly, statistics show that the vast majority of women who consider abortion as an option do so because they do not believe that they can financially care for a child on their own.

The far right narrative of “recreational birth control,” where women run around getting pregnant and then popping down to the local clinic for an abortion and a manicure is a vile, misogynistic, fantasy that portrays women as both immoral and self absorbed.

It is also a plays right into the hand of the liberals who drag this issue out during every tough election.

Here is how the scenario works: Read more