The Contextualization of the “Palestine” Conundrum

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Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

The brutally horrific pseudo-intellectual contextualization of the “Palestine” question, aggressively prosecuted against the State of Israel by grossly heterogeneous types of movements across the globe, has decisively contributed to the self-defeating establishment as well as the aggressively violent enforcement of wretchedly false realities.  In this evil campaign, from the comparison of the State of Israel to the Republic of South Africa of the 19th and 20th centuries as an identical “Apartheid State,” through essentially characterizing Israel as the refuge of “the Satanic Jews” depicted in the Russian Okhrana’s antisemitic garbage entitled The Protocol of the Elders of Zion, to the product of “a national settler-colonial project,” and “the imperialist outpost of the United States of America in the Middle East,” the twisted psychology of the viscerally Jew-hating Tsarist Russian Empire, the evil fingerprints of the inhuman monster formation of the Soviet Union as well as the self-destructive Putinesque KGB-shaped Russian Federation plainly have been recognizable.  Seeking to exert political, military as well as economic pressure on the United States of America and the State of Israel in the greater Middle East and beyond by generating antisemitic and anti-Zionist sentiments among the receptive Muslim populations across the globe, the successive autocrats in the Kremlin have continuously undertaken to exacerbate the already existing territorial conflict between the State of Israel and its adversaries.  

 The “Palestine Question” was contrived by the Yuriy Andropov commanded KGB that created the “Palestine Liberation Organization” (PLO) in 1964.  Having been in the business of establishing mock “people’s liberation fronts” against the “American Imperialists,” while militarily occupying and colonizing the nations of Central and Eastern Europe, the same KGB established the “National Liberation Army of Bolivia” with Ernesto “Che” Guevara at its head and the “National Liberation Army of Colombia” in 1964 and 1965 respectively.  Domestically, this strategy manifested itself by establishing in 1960, in Moscow, the fallaciously named “Peoples’ Friendship University” (in Russian: Universitet Druzhby Narodov or UDN), later renamed “Patrice Lumumba University.”  The sole objective of this political brainchild of the KGB was to mass produce useful idiots for the Kremlin by catering exclusively to the impressionable youth of the so-called developing states of Africa, Asia, Central and South America as well as the Middle East.  Naturally, the total control of the bogus curriculum by the KGB ensured that the foreign policy objectives of the Soviet Union were parroted ad nauseam like incontrovertible facts of life, while actual realities were willfully discarded through the “contextualization” of specialized ethnic cum racial consciousness.  The preeminence of politically motivated hatred against the West in general and the Jews in particular, concealed the Kremlin’s imperial ambition of territorial aggrandizement by double standard based indoctrination.  Indeed, this Orwellian trap, originally discussed by the German philosopher Hegel and subsequently plagiarized by Marx, was concealed by the Soviet leadership under the idiotic Utopianism of “Superiority of Communism over Capitalism” in the guise of global happiness as well as world peace against the ephemeral self interests of the predatory imperialist United States of America and its allies.

In 1964, Russia’s miserably permanent historical failures met the lying narratives of the Arab population that either fled or was displaced after the 1948 war between Israel and the five combatant Arab states.  Matching the contradictory mentality of the then Soviet Union that strove mightily to realize the lofty objectives that clearly were beyond its meager capabilities, the Yaser Arafat managed PLO was also suspended on the string of its unattainable goals and its obvious inability to abandon them.  The results have been never ending wars with barbaric terrorism in between.  The so-called Palestinians who are actually Arabs, have been weak but have attempted to present themselves to be strong.  Simultaneously, they have been corrupted by countless militantly religious and secular falsehoods that have prevented them from being politically as well as morally good.  Their motley collection of leaders from Arafat and Abbas to the team of Haniyah and Sinwar have aspired to be brave statesmen, while robbing their people blind and living in splendid luxury in safe distances from their subjects’ miseries.  Finally, though irredeemably senseless, they have tried to present themselves as imbued with Western intellect and impeccable rationality.

Thus, neither these so-called leaders nor their subjects can be considered normal because they have lost their sense of reality and have been turned into a herd of sheep.  Eternally in an absurd revolt against the pseudo-reality that they have created, they have never developed any sense of justice moderated by a devotion for humanity.  Therefore, no peace based on the stability of well-functioning institutions or authoritative legal order have been created in their communities.  Arguing that all this is the sin of the “Israeli Occupiers” is preposterous.  Individuals and communities alike cannot escape responsibility for their misery by invoking victimhood when their individual as well as collective consciousnesses are in wretched conditions and their judgments are manifested in barbaric passions.  Comprehensively, positive sociopolitical order can only be created and sustained by people who possess the faculties of self-control as well as the willpower to face reality without corrosive passions.

For all these reasons, even the well-meaning opinions and actions in support of the “Palestinian Resistance” are definitely counterproductive.  They assuredly will preserve and even worsen the plight of the Arab refugees across the Middle East and beyond.  Moreover, they inarguably will provide political ammunition to Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Ankara and additional malicious actors with an obscure mixture of corrupt personal factors as well as invented historical arguments.  Finally, the leaders of the member countries of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation must think hard with the requisite clarity about the best possible system, which will provide the optimal balance of forces as well as enduring peaceful stability across the globe.   

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