Olympic Uniform Hypocrisy

With nothing better to do than challenge the patriotism of a private company, Congress members on both sides of the isle blasted Ralph Lauren and the US Olympic Committee for not creating uniforms made in the US.

Harry Reid said, “I am so upset. I think the Olympic Committee should be ashamed of themselves. I think they should be embarrassed.  I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile, and burn them and start all over again.”

Rep. Steve Israel, a Democrat from New York went further, “It is not just a label, it’s an economic solution. Today there are 600,000 vacant manufacturing jobs in this country and the Olympic Committee is out sourcing manufacturing of uniforms to China? That is not just outrageous, it’s just plan dumb.”

But hold the phone……is there a reason why companies are outsourcing to China?

Could it be that the American textiles mills are all but non-existent?

Could it be that thanks to NAFTA, CAFTA, and a host of preferential trade agreements with India, China, and a host of other countries, our own manufacturing industry has rendered what few facilities remain, financially impractical?

The NAFTA debacle has the blood of Republican and Democrat politicians alike. Read more

Current Crop of Candidates Show Tea Party Message Lost on the GOP Establishment

For a lot of conservatives, 2010 was a year of almost unbridled hope. Thanks to the Tea Party and groups like GOOOH and American Majority it appeared as if the will and desire of the people, in regards to representative government, could be achieved. Men and women from across the country set aside their successful careers, privacy, and their anonymity and jumped into the political ring of fire.

The Founding Fathers believed that political representation should not be the domain of wealth or legacy. Having come from a country where you had to vote for the landlord’s son or the factory owner’s son if you wanted to keep your home or job, those patriots wrote tirelessly about the evils and dangers of electing the child of privilege who had no real life experience or goals outside of a career at the Capital. Similarly, they decried electing generation after generation of politicians who seemed to be only “of the people” when it came time to give a speech, pass the collection hat, or beg for a vote.

It’s not the Founding Fathers were against wealth. In fact, many of them were wealthy men. But after witnessing first hand the treacheries of politics Read more

Can Abortion Kill the Republican Overthrow of Obama?

This has been a crazy week when it comes to the abortion debate. And by crazy, I mean that a handful of Republican politicians, have shoved their foot into their mouth…at least to the knee.

Let me get this little disclaimer out of the way first,

  • – I am a fiscal conservative.
  • – I have never had an abortion.
  • – I have never been in a situation that would lead me to consider having an abortion.

BUT abortion is currently legal & perhaps most importantly, statistics show that the vast majority of women who consider abortion as an option do so because they do not believe that they can financially care for a child on their own.

The far right narrative of “recreational birth control,” where women run around getting pregnant and then popping down to the local clinic for an abortion and a manicure is a vile, misogynistic, fantasy that portrays women as both immoral and self absorbed.

It is also a plays right into the hand of the liberals who drag this issue out during every tough election.

Here is how the scenario works: Read more

Conservatives Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

When I was a kid, there was a very simply rule of conduct, people in polite society did NOT talk about politics, religion, sex, or money in public.

In fact, unless you lived in the proverbial “one horse town,” your neighbors probably wouldn’t have any idea what church you attended.

A man’s vote or support for a candidate was a private matter and people who wore support pins did so only at political rallies.

That old saying, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors,” was both a warning to mind your own business about my private life and a pledge that I won’t get involved in your private life.

Your salary, how much money you had in the bank (or under your mattress), and how much you spent or saved was simply private and personal information and most people had no idea how a person lived their financial life until the reading of the will.

Today, Republicans claim to adhere to the values that made America great. Yet, second only to blaming liberals and Obama for the destruction of America, conservatives do their darnedest to play the self defeating game of exclusionist politics all based on rejecting those basic rules of polite society Read more

Revisiting the Pledge of Allegiance

On this day in 1945, Congress officially recognized the Pledge of Allegiance. For most of us, the Pledge was part of the daily school ritual. But today, schools across the country either modify the Pledge to remove “potentially offensive” words or ban the recitation all together.

Instead of writing about the Pledge, I recently came across this article by iconic entertainer, Red Skelton, which sums it up so nicely.

Commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance

by Red Skelton

As a schoolboy, one of Red Skelton’s teachers explained the words and meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to his class. Skelton later wrote down, and eventually recorded, his recollection of this lecture. It is followed by an observation of his own.

I - – Me; an individual; a committee of one.

Pledge - – Dedicate all of my worldly goods to give without self-pity.

Allegiance - – My love and my devotion.

To the Flag - – Our standard; Old Glory ; a symbol of Freedom; wherever she waves there is respect, because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts, Freedom is everybody’s job.

United - – That means that we have all come together.

States - – Individual communities that have united into forty-eight great states. Forty-eight individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose. Read more

Embracing Conservative Women Essential For Long Term Tea Party Success

(Originally written for the Tea Party Review Magazine, an edited version appears as the cover story of their June edition)

One hundred and sixty-three years ago, a small group of conservative women met in Seneca Falls, New York to demand equal pay for equal work, the right to own property, and the right to vote. The so called “Seneca Falls Convention” was the birthplace for all American women’s rights battles that were to follow.  These “feminists” made it clear, they didn’t want to dissolve the family structure, they didn’t want to abolish religion, and they didn’t want to punish men. They simply wanted the same legal protection and control over their work product and property that men enjoyed.  Their goal, in part, was to insure that through their vote, their private opinions about the governance of their community and the country carried the same weight as that of a man.

In much the same way that conservative women in the public eye and particularly in politics today, are attacked, maligned, belittled and degraded by the mainstream media,  Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucrecia Mott, and other speakers (male and female) at the convention were roundly eviscerated by much of the press. Some newspapers supported Read more

The UK Calls Obama On un-Presidential Memorial Day Behavior

Fair or not, part of being a successful President is appearing Presidential. For people both here and abroad that means that the leader of the free world should be dignified in his mannerisms and respectful of traditions and sentiments. While we here in the US have been aware of distinctly un-Presidential behavior, the mainstream media still seems eager to cover up Obama’s gaffs and faux pauxs with almost the same level of devotion that they displayed in exposing and magnifying those of Bush.

The British press however, have had a distinct shift in attitude towards Obama. While they slobbered all over “campaign Obama,” their love affair with him and his family ended almost as soon as he took office. Between his breeches of protocol and etiquette, his administration’s icy attitude towards our historic ally, and his soft line on Muslim extremists, the Brits aren’t impressed.

So while the US media focused on Sarah Palin and her motorcycle ride, the British tabloids detailed Obama’s Memorial Day activities. After laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, Obama (for the ninth straight week) headed for the links. And the British press went crazy.

For many in America, Memorial Day is more BBQs and Read more

The Photoshop Scandal That Really Matters

May is shaping up to be Photoshop month. Many Americans are scouring the internet for “real” pictures of a bullet ridden Osama, finding only Photoshopped, B-movie versions. Others examine the latest offering from the White House in the continuing saga of the “real” birth certificate that may or may not be. With YouTube videos popping up all over the place showing a step-by-step guide as to how Obama’s birth certificate “could” have been created with Photoshop, this has been a banner month for Adobe, the firm behind the photo manipulation software.

But the real scandal should be the latest Photoshopped picture. A photo snapped in the White House Situation Room, showing Obama and his advisors, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason, the Director of Counterterrorism, as they watched the unfolding Osama bin Ladin operation, has received the Photoshop treatment from both Der Tzitung and De Voch, Hasidic newspapers out of New York.

Der Tzeitung (The Newspaper) and De Voch (The Week) ran the photo, but omitted Hillary and Audrey Tomason, removing them completely. The result was a firestorm of controversy as women’s groups and the White House, which prohibits official photos being altered, cried foul!  Read more

Happy Birthday To Me!

Last week was my birthday. Some birthdays pass by as just another day; others have been major times of reflection. This past birthday has been the later.

About a year ago, after spending almost a decade living and working in Europe, I returned to the States. My book, “Rules For Republican Radicals” was a hit and I was asked to write for many fine publications and speak to conservative groups around the country. After being a guest on many great radio shows, on Valentine’s Day 2011, I started my own BTR show. The experience was amazing and while some shows were only heard live by a handful of people, I was thrilled to find hundreds of people downloading shows, connecting with me about the shows, and sending me tips and news that they want me to investigate and discuss.

And then I hit a bump in the road. In mid March, I was “hired” by guy to help him build a political consultancy and event planning business. This fellow had all the patter, seemed to have all the connections, and was a frequent guest on news and radio shows. I was thrilled. Having a Masters Degree in television production, this seemed like Read more

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Venuti?

Labels, Labels, liberals love a label. Right-wing Extremist. Neo-Con. Tea Bagger. It seems that few conservatives can avoid being branded with an ugly moniker designed to shame them into an easily definable (and dismissible) box. 

One of the most important lessons learned by pundits, politicians, and the power hungry, at the feet of domestic terrorist and liberal icon Saul Alinsky, was the importance of disarming and disabling an opponent. In his seminal, step-by-step guide to mass manipulation and societal over throw, “Rules For Radicals,” Alinsky counseled his devotes to “pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” In order to marginalize someone, to eliminate them as a threat, he explained, you have to publically humiliate them, blame them for the ills of society, make them personally responsible for something horrendous, and force them to run and hide. Honesty and integrity were simply concepts that got in the way of success. These tactics have been used to keep good men and women out of the political arena or scare opponents. 

Most Republicans or conservatives are boxed and branded with the tired (but effective) “rich, old, white man.” “Rich” is liberal code for uncaring, disconnected, and greedy. Read more

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