Our Caudillo President »

By Ben Stein

As I write this on Monday night, there are rumors around that BP will agree to President Barack Obama’s demand that the oil giant “voluntarily” put about $30 billion into a fund to be administered by the government to compensate victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

Now, no one disputes that this is a real disaster and that BP acted irresponsibly in commissioning Trans-Ocean and …

Dems’ energy policy: If you can’t beat ‘em, force it on ‘em »

By Brian Johnson

With the “cash-for-caulkers” bill, the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act (HR 5019), passing the House and making its way through the Senate, there have been substantiated rumors that Senate Democrats will try to expand the scope and incorporate additional “job creating” measures. They claim a federally mandated Renewable Energy Standard (RES) will do the trick.

The Hill reports that Senate Leader Harry Reid has said he would …

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