Illegal Immigration Not a Victimless Crime, Time To Act Like It!

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Let’s face it. We are not safe.  Not only do the people across our waters risk our lives but also the people within our own country.  There are people who literally live day by day without being known.  While the obvious reaction should be regulation and the enforcement of our already standing borders, we literally almost fight for this threat in response to every action against it.

Recently, Arizona has been receiving quite a bit of backlash over a bill called SB1070.  It demands not only stronger enforcement on already set regulations regarding illegal aliens but also adds more of a restriction from people to call America home but not be accounted for by our identification systems. Being labeled “racial profiling” despite never mentioning anything of the sort, Arizona is attempting to give America another nail in the coffin we have been trying to hold illegal immigration in for years.

The term “illegal immigration” itself has been torn apart, rejected, restructured and debated despite its simple reality: Our nation has a right to enforce everyone on our land is known about.  The question of why it is so hard for Americans to realize knowing who calls our nation home is a factor of safety and not restriction must in a way baffle everyone.  It seems that our nation is calmly accepting of internal dangers that people among us who are not identified posses.

In fact, our current administration has gone as far as to cut budgets, enforcement agents and restrict current objectives against illegal aliens.  We have even heard through the mouths of people such as Senator Scott Brown that amnesty may be in the campaign arsenal of our liberal leaders.  This not only speaks volumes for the Democrats but also for the nation.  Already, we have allowed and are continuing to allow illegal aliens into our backyards and are surprised by the increase in crime and threats they pose to our lives.

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime and therefore should not be treated as such.  Further, the last ones to fall on the sword that is illegal immigration are the ones that lie on our borders.  Arizona is a state that is very much in danger as it is one of the many lines between the United States and Mexico. Recently, a popular rancher named Robert Krentz was killed at a location that is known for illegal human trafficking.  When their demands for assistance resulted with deaf ears they began to work within their own government.  As a result of the current administration, illegal immigration becoming a state issue may be becoming a trend.  Honestly, they are probably the ones who should be seen as experts in the field either way. They live with it day after day and feel the most negative results from crime rates to employment issues.

Hence, instead of shunning legislation such as this we should be using it as a tool to see what is needed in order to keep our border states and in turn our nation safest.  We are cutting off our own noses despite our face when we profile legislation that is obviously coming from fellow Americans crying out for help.  The murder of Robert Krentz among other past and current events should not go unheard and, as shown through this state’s recent actions, will not be ignored.  This objective should not be a toy for the safety of votes and elections; it should be a tool for the safety of our nation.

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