Out-of-the-Box Thinking for an Out-of-Control Budget

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Certainly the $1.6 trillion dollar budget must not only be reigned in, but people must think “out-of-the-box”.  The money can be easily cut, but too many are worried about an item’s ‘priority’. Budget shortfall would not exist at all if simple priorities were changed.

The United Nations and their >$3 billion/year budget from America is the first. The UN has had a history of anti-American activity. Groups such as Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Greenpeace, and many others, seek to influence daily UN decisions.   

The UN has stated aborting the young is a ‘right’, and wants mandated population reduction. That, when population will undergo a precipitous freefall by 2050 due to the decline below the 2.1 child/woman ‘wall’ necessary for maintaining existing population. Or The Iraq Oil-for-food Scandal, with the UN complicit in $113 billion paid to Hussein.

The US Cabinet includes 15 executive departments, totaling 24 (along with the Social Security Administration). Most of the cabinets actually started after 1970 (e.g. EPA[1970], DOE[1977], etc…), and were not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Many of those cabinets and organizations can be whittled down, or eliminated. Each budget for all 24 organizations are at Federal Budget Spending and the National Debt.

Originally proposed by Richard Nixon, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a bureaucracy having every incentive to expand its empire. In 2010, EPA had a budget of $10,486 billion. Back in 2008, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) stated that a bill giving mandatory climate change provisions would result in a $1.2 trillion global warming tax.

The reason DOE was instituted was claimed “to lessen our dependence on foreign oil”. That was 31 years ago, and our dependence has tripled. Today the DOE’s annual budget is almost $2 billion. The EPA and DOE are only two of the 24 federal organizations.

From Michael Reagan, the watchdog (Government Accounting Office) GAO Report Reveals Not Just Mere Duplication, But Unbridled Idiocy   Simply by consolidation, at least $200 billion would be saved over the next 10 years. According to Reagan under Obama’s new budget, national debt will reach $26 trillion by 2020.

Though it is bankrolled with an annual budget in excess of $100 million dollars, the ACLU  [Cached] receives 80% (taxpayer dollars) through the federal program mandated by the Civil Rights Attorneys’ Fee Awards Act of 1976.

As explained in the Kiplinger Letter (Financial Services; 2/18/11), TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) was put in place in 2008 by Bush to eliminate possible depression. It seems taxpayers will still make money off that deal, however. A total of $245 billion was invested in 750 banks. To date, the government has recouped all, but $2 billion. More than $22 billion is still expected to come in.

Obama’s budget increases 2012 deficit by a third. This budget alone produces a $1.1 trillion deficit for 2012. This deficit is 33 percent higher than his 2011 budget projection, which targeted the 2012 deficit at $828 billion. Hello $15 trillion in debt.

Obama took office and shortly canceled 77 oil leases in the Gulf. It will be seven years before any new leases can be drilled in the US Outer Continental Shelf. For 120,000 oil workers that could work in the Gulf, no new jobs exist because of Obama’s decision. Now that oil is trading over $100 a barrel, there might be a monetary incentive not to drill. 

Millions of dollars in taxpayer revenues were lost to salary abatement, and the deficit increased additionally  from unemployment payments paid. The oil and natural gas industry supports more than 9.2 million US jobs. More information can be found in Oil & Gas 101 – Energy Tomorrow. This explains unlocking America’s very abundant hydrocarbon resources, and generating hundreds of billions of dollars in leasing, royalty and tax revenues for federal, state and local governments. That’s not counting putting millions back to work.

Obama puts himself in the drivers seat of ‘socialism’ by forcing alternative energy, with high crude prices forcing ‘green’ options in America while sitting on a literal ocean of oil.                  

So instead of a budget stalemate, it’s all about one’s priorities. Does one want higher deficits, abortion on demand, and unrestrained government control; or fiscal restraint without socialism and a budget balanced within the next presidential term? 

We’ll also spend $8 billion non-existent dollars for high-speed rail (already in President Obama’s budget for 2012). Your call to make next presidential election.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at roetenks@charter.net.

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