By 2030 Population to Start Dropping Like a Rock

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According to a UN 2009 revised population forecast, world population will peak at around 7 billion in 2030, and begin to fall. How can that be? In 1980, world population was forecasted to be significantly higher by 2030.

Many plagues and Epidemics have culled population from the earliest times. The worst were the Plague of Justinian(Byzantine Empire/541542 AD), Black Death(1347), Great Plague(1665), oriental Bubonic Plague(1894), Spanish Flu(1918), and HIV/AIDS(1985—).

But the worst population killer is the epidemic that will not be controlled. We have done this to ourselves. It is chemical/artificial fertility control.

In UNdata | record view | Total fertility rate (children per woman) by 2030, we see that the world’s medium variant will be 2.21 (children per woman). The low variant will be 1.72, with 2.10 being the minimum replacement rate for replacing population. Evidence is mounting that the low variant (1.72 children per woman) is the proper choice, but will still be too high.

Typical variables such as birth control, arbortifacient use (RU-486, abortion pill, Ella, etc…), age of parents, and abortion of babies during any trimester, directly affect population. It’s been documented for years that materials such as depo-provera (breakthrough ovulation 40-60% of the time), Norplant (b/t ovulation 50-65%), and the IUD (b/t ovulation 100%) [Abortion Debate Forum – You Have Probably Had An Abortion Without ] kill young babies.

Outside variables also affect population numbers, such as same-sex marriage, sterilization, reduced egg production, AIDS/HIV, and elimination of DDT (resulting in millions of deaths each year). With fewer eggs, one has fewer possibilities of conceiving with the partner.  With same-sex marriage, there’s the impossibility of conceiving with the partner. With sterilization, the impossibility of conceiving with anyone.  With the lack of DDT to kill or repel malaria-infected mosquitoes, or with HIV/AIDS, there’s fewer partners to conceive with.

Now, a new study covering the last 30 years reveals sex-selection abortions in India were as high as 12 million girls. Girls killed specifically because of their gender in a society that wants boys over girls [The Exploding Population: World Population and its Impact].

According to Professor Prabhat Jha (Center for Global Health Research/Toronto/Canada), the abortions have increased over the last 10 years. By 2030, UN predicts India’s fertility rate (medium variant) will be 1.96, and (low variant), 1.46.

In China, they vigorously pursue their one-child policy [IllegalBabies Abducted by Chinese Population Control Officials ]. Violators have sometimes been subjected to coerced abortions or, after birth of a child, have been forced to pay substantial fines, and have been sterilized. For China, UN predicts a medium variant of 1.85,  and a low variant of 1.35.  Both variants, for both countries (two largest populations) are well below replacement rates.

Now we hear about the “man” being a co-conspirator of declining population. In Out for the count: Why levels of sperm in men are falling , the Independent explains why men’s sperm count has dropped over 27% in the last 8 years. A good portion is directly due to the hormone estrogen. There has been a lot of interest in chemicals in the environment, especially those that can mimic female sex hormones (i.e., oestrogenic chemicals).

This chemical is typically ‘peed’ out of a woman when she takes the “pill” for birth control. Most water treatment plants don’t remove the estrogen from drinking water. One in seven couples are now classified as infertile, and the ‘male’ can be responsible if he has a low sperm count.

Even though a baby small enough to be chemically aborted can be flushed down the toilet, it’s still a life at the earliest stages. It is calculated between 7-12 million/year newly conceived children are killed by chemical abortions in the womb. [Abortion Debate Forum – You Have Probably Had An Abortion Without Knowing It] []

In Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? Reviewed by Jed Stuber, we know the BCP can cause abortions by making the uterus inhospitable to implantation.

It’s estimated at least 30 million souls are aborted and killed worldwide every year. It’s numbing to calculate the number of deliberate infant deaths since abortions and oral contraception pill’s (OCP’s) began to be used. Even the UN does not reveal the difficulty for world population to change their sexual mores, and thus alter worldwide fertility rates.

Once the population gets to zero-growth, it will spiral downward. Any growth will be negatively affected by all past population reduction techniques. Existing sexual practices such as abortions, use of the pill, and other abortifacients will be almost impossible to stop. At this point, population decline will become detrimental.

Chemical/surgical abortions and OCP’s, are the one-two punch for eliminating world population. Few will care, as they will not be alive when a dying population is known. It seems as the UN has met their goal of reduced population growth, and have turned a ‘blind’ eye to the ensuing consequences.

Maybe Someone is trying to tell us something with existing man-made sexual techniques, and chemicals in the wrong places. Maybe some of us don’t even believe in a ‘Someone’.

Likely the human race probably won’t be completely destroyed—yet. But quality of life will be significantly knocked down. And that would be almost as bad in 2030.


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