A Real Challenge To The Racists at MSNBC

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No one should be surprised that the media has invested all of its might to lynch Herman Cain now that has become a front-runner in the GOP presidential primary. Nearly 3 weeks ago the liberal writers at Saturday Night Live lampooned him for not having a chance. Since then, Americans have taken notice of his pragmatic approach to solving our country’s problems. The media is attempting to destroy Herman Cain because Herman Cain is a politically conservative black man in America, an unprotected minority. Although he has become a Titan in business like Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, and Bob Johnson. Liberals have created conditions where expressing conservative belief subjects blacks to another set of standards.

The most disgusting example of the media lynching was the interview by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. O’Donnell’s questions were predictably misleading. That’s to be expected because they cater their content to a small (and I mean small) leftist fringe. He relentlessly attempted to cast Herman Cain as a race traitor through innuendo like accusing him of not participating in civil rights demonstrations, insulting his father, and misrepresenting passages from his book. I concluded than this Ivy League elitist has ordained himself with the authority to declare who is black. Although Herman Cain gave a spirited interview, he showed the obvious restraint of a presidential candidate leaving the host visibly frustrated by his defiance. I guarantee that if this was 1840, O’Donnell would have filled Cain’s back with welts like the Democrats used to do to noncompliant blacks back then. Nonetheless, since I am not a presidential candidate, and have no restraint and can directly address his racist assumptions.

I challenge Mr. O’Donnell’s and his newfound authority to a “black contest.” As a conservative black American, your racial integrity is challenged regularly. While I believe that there is no standard “black experience,” there are experiences, conditions and traditions that tie the millions of African-Americans together that are distinctly different from other groups of Americans. Unfortunately, racist liberals like O’Donnell and self-proclaimed “black leaders” like Cornell West have given themselves the authority to decide who can call themselves black.

For years conservative African-Americans have tried to convince brethren that despite political differences, they are no different. Too often these pleas fall on deaf ears as their “black cards” are revoked for simply exercising constitutional rights. At the same time, people like Obama, whose descendents were not forced into slavery, and Bill Clinton who continues to be touted as the first “black” president.

Now’s the time for liberals to stop all of the innuendo and baseless accusations. Since they are quick to insult the racial integrity of conservative blacks, here is their chance to prove it. Mr. O’Donnell, let’s mutually agree on a measurable standard based on the experiences of descendants of enslaved Africans in America, pitting myself against President Obama. If I lose, I am willing to profess that my conservative beliefs make me a sellout to my community. If you lose, you must profess to your audience that you are indeed the biggest racist in America.

I realize the that idea of a “black contest” may be considered immature. So is having to rebut being called an Uncle Tom during an otherwise intelligent debate on policy. I am addressing absurdity in-kind. I fully expect O’Donnell to cower inside of his ivory tower at MSNBC by ignoring me. That’s why I need you help to me challenge the racists at MSNBC. Copy and paste this editorial with “Don’t Be A Coward O’Donnell, Accept The Challenge” in the title. E-mail it directly to Lawrence O’Donnell at thelastword@msnbc.com. Get all of your friends to do the same. O’Donnell acts like a tough guy when standing on the bully pulpit, time to find out if that MSNBC mascot is really a peacock or chicken.

Andre Harper is the founder and president of The Knowledge Movement, LLC and author of The Citizens Guide To Defeating the Mainstream Media. He can be reached at www.AndreHarper.com.

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