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by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

Anti-Judaism is a time-worn political-religious-cultural phenomenon.  From the seminal works of many ancient Egyptian priests and through the equally monstrous amount of writings by countless Christian and Muslim authors, they all undertook to contemplate their communities’ relations to the rigidly monotheistic Jews that they also called the “callous and bigoted Sons of Israel.”  Even before Karl Marx’s “On the Jewish Question” in the middle of the nineteenth century, in which the author charged the Jews with psychological slavery and profane alienation from the real world, Flavius Josephus, also a Jew, complained several millennia before about the “malicious calumnies” that threatened the very physical existence of his co-religionists.  The emergence of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, only added religious-political fuel to the already prevalent anti-Jewish narratives. The Quran’s antagonism to the Jews is undeniable.  Accusations such as “rejecting Allah’s signs and unjustly killing the prophets”, render all the Jews to eternal condemnation, or as Surah Al-Baqarah (2:61) states to “disgrace and misery.”  These hostile doctrines were amplified by Jesus’s warning in John 15:18:  “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.”  Generally, John’s Gospel is a compendium of hate against the Jews for killing Jesus.  From these dehumanizing narratives, Christianity’s as well as Islam’s most fundamental doctrines about the Jews who are allegedly seized by Satan to destroy the world are nothing but genocidal invitations to hot-blooded annihilation.  This man-made doctrines culminated in the middle of the twentieth century by Europe’s most efficiently civilized nation in perpetrating the Holocaust.  

The establishment of the State of Israel and its victory in 1967 against the Soviet supported armies of the Arab states, motivated the leaders of the Soviet Union to launch an all out campaign against the Jewish state as a Middle Eastern bastion of American colonial imperialism.  Thus, the contemporary mixture of anti-Zionism as well as anti-Semitism employed by Iran, all the Islamic terrorist organizations and their supporters across the globe were fabricated in the former Soviet Union, in which the so-called “Anti-Zionist International” relentlessly hammered away about the all powerful “international Zionist conspiracy.”  The resulting slogans about Zionism’s overwhelming influence in world politics, its commanding relations with American imperialism as well as American monopolistic capital that are completely controlled by the Jews have been the violent calling cards of the post-October 7th universe.   

In light of the presently reigning terror-driven chaos in the greater Middle East and beyond, the world exists in a hybrid condition between neither peace nor war.  More dangerously, when societies are in chaos violent individuals and minorities prevail.  And when chaos affects everything people yearn for a dictator.  In this manner, as the only real democracy in the region, the State of Israel increasingly appears to be left alone in its fight against the spirit of Islam’s demonic strain that equates the Qur’anic obligation of Jihad with the  barbaric terrorism of depraved idiots.  Thus, Islamic terrorism is the actionable manifestation of the brainwashed mind’s slave mentality.  Moreover, the abuse of the principles of democracy to establish a terroristic state will surely result in lasting complications that, in turn, will lead to total regional destruction – first sidetracking then paralyzing and finally annihilating the reform-minded forces across the Middle East.  For this reason alone, the so-called two state solution could not be justified by the Western concept of democratic legitimacy, because the collective Islamic terrorism of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority distort the principle of popular sovereignty into a violently artificial state.  Such a violently artificial state by its very nature would not and could not live in peace with the rest of the world.  Therefore, in order that the Arab people living in the West Bank and in Gaza be made whole, they first must be united by a leadership whose legitimacy is of an acceptable political quality.

More importantly, the Islamic terrorism issue is closely related to the problems of Russia’s, China’s, North Korea’s and Iran’s outsized ambitions.  In all of these countries, political developments destroyed the fledgling attempts to democratize and superimposed on their societies tyrannical regimes that are maintained by ruthless force.  The fundamental question is, what sort of destiny the future holds for these and all the dictatorial-tyrannical regimes across the globe?  The answers are less than encouraging.  What is known is the proven inability of the Biden Administration to cope with the complex challenges that the current chaotic situations present for American leadership.  Weighed down by a mentally paralyzed President Biden and incompetent cabinet members, the United States of America has just created its own hell.  Forced to be an “impartial” mediator after supporting Israel and simultaneously fighting Islamic extremism, the American government is chained to its illusion of being the only savior in the ubiquitous chaos.  Attempting to base America’s Middle Eastern policies on the premise that Israel and all the Islamic terrorist organizations and states are really the two sides of the same coin, the Biden Administration has channelled American Middle Eastern policies into a hopeless cul-de-sac.  Yet, nothing inspires more the terrorists than the lack of resolve of the targeted people.  In addition, being derided by all sides and spied upon by its enemies, pulled in all directions, while being completely at the mercy of the domestic vagaries of the looming national elections, the unsuitable President Biden and his “most diverse” cabinet project the unbearable lightness of delusionary human parvenus.  Amid the infinite set of the labyrinth of lies and fairytale narratives, the United States of America needs competent leadership that will demonstrate the required creativity as well as firmness to decisively defeat the forces of destructive barbarism and to restore genuine peace as well as justice in the region and beyond.           

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