From Cradle of Judea-Christian Civilization to Litmus Test of Democracy »

By Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

In a global historical perspective, carrying on  paradoxical wars against the past by terroristically destroying themselves as well as others, have been the eternal undertakings of all those individuals, ethnic groups as well as nations who have felt – rightly or wrongly – that their positions in the present and their prospects for the future are bordering on utter nothingness without any likelihood of significant …

Tucker Carlson and the Orban Phenomenon »

By Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

Like the cynically corrupt Walter Duranty, the disgraced Anglo-American journalist of The New York Times in the 1920s and 1930s, Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News Channel host and presently on Tucker Carlson Today at Elon Musk’s X, is a complete professional hoax as far as his perfidious as well as contemptible reportings about today’s Hungary are concerned.  Yet, while Duranty knew that he was …

Next generation ICBM should be the result of robust competition »

By George Landrith    •    President, Frontiers of Freedom

America’s Minuteman Inter-continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was first deployed in 1962 in the cold war environment of “Mutually Assured Destruction” and was a system designed to last 10 years.  The system has been updated over 50 to 60 years to keep pace with the growing threat of adversarial nations but the aging system requires a complete overhaul to assure continued deterrence for …

Clueless Allies, Strategic Paralysis »

by Dr. Istvan Molnar  &  Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

The recent emergency summit of the European Union about the migrant crisis takes place in the context of  deep divisions among the member states, the chaos in the greater Middle East, Russia’s newly found assertiveness, the bankruptcy of Greece, Turkish duplicity, and the absence of the United States as the most powerful country within NATO.  Clearly, the historic rift between western …

Conservatives have every reason to be optimistic »

Freedom and opportunity are on the horizon with a new crop of principled, capable and positive conservatives. 

by George Landrith   

In the past few weeks and the next couple weeks, we will see most of the expected entrants into the GOP presidential sweepstakes make their plans official. The GOP bench is deep with a number of highly credible and well qualified potential nominees. Part of this deep bench is the …

This is the Result of an Obscure Movie? Really? »

If Team Obama can’t get this basic fact right, we cannot seriously expect them to get anything else right.

by George Landrith

Despite the overwhelming facts, the Administration continues to pretend that the attack on the American consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012 was a spontaneous protest of Muslim offended by a YouTube video.

Independent media reports say that Libyan security officials warned US officials of the risks of …

Flashback: The day I am inaugrated Middle East tensions will subside »

On November 23, 2007, then candidate Barack Obama made a bold prediction about himself and how his mere election to the nation’s highest office would ease tensions in the Middle East. No doubt, many Americans believed him and many others optimistically hoped he was right. However, the events of the past week prove that Obama was wrong and that his prediction was just more self-aggrandizing blather. Obama can’t change the …

Media Upset that Violence in Middle East Is Distracting from Story They Want to Tell »

The mainstream media is treating the ongoing Middle East turmoil as an unfortunate distraction from the “real story” that they would like to shove down the public’s throat – that Mitt Romney is incompetent. The media’s tortured narrative ignores the facts and relies upon double standards so offensive that even the truly dull-witted and see the fallacy.

Reporters are incensed that Romney would “politicize” a matter of national security. However, …

Skipping More than Half of His Security Briefings and Leading from Behind »

by George Landrith

On the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, two American embassies (or consulates) were attacked and breached – one in Libya and one in Egypt. Four American diplomats were assassinated by these coordinated attacks. We now know that security was almost non-existent in Libya and that at least some of the locally hired security detail actually helped the attackers locate and target our diplomats. And …

So, Mr. President, is Egypt an Ally or Not? »

Last night Barack Obama was asked about whether Egypt was still an ally of America. His response was pretty clear: “I don’t think we would consider [Egypt] an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy.”

But today, the Obama Administration backed away from that statement and provided an alternative answer or a “clarification.”

Wasn’t Obama just boasting that he is very careful and practiced in matters of foreign policy? …