The Difference Between Rights and Entitlements »

Some people, especially so-called progressives, do not seem to understand the difference between rights and entitlements. So, for their edification, I’m going to try to explain the distinction between these two concepts.

Rights are God-given. Other people can take them away, and may also defend them for you, but they cannot give them to you. Rights include the freedom to do as one pleases (within certain limitations) and the opportunity …

We Should Learn from Socialism's Collapse »

We would all be wise to take warning from the recent events in Greece that have led to jitters in our stock market as well as markets around the world. The problems in Greece, of course, were caused created by socialism.

Too many people were getting too many freebies off the backs of too few others. There was no way that such a system could sustain itself. It was doomed …

Is Obama Showing Enough Emotion? »

President Obama has recently been criticized by those on the right and on the left for not showing enough passion in his efforts to combat the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh, boy! Give me a break! I don’t give a flying flip about how much emotion he shows.

I’m concerned about competence. I want Obama, BP officials, and all the others involved in the situation to …

Down-Your-Throat Liberalism »

Liberals are always quick to accuse conservative Christians of trying (or at least wanting) to force their views down everyone else’s throat. I would have to agree that there are indeed some conservative Christians who fit that description. However, they haven’t cornered the market on that kind of mindset. Some liberals could just as easily point the finger back at themselves.

Look at the way Rand Paul, the recently nominated …

Blunting the Arizona Boycotts »

Those of us who believe the state of Arizona has a right to protect its borders should do our part to blunt the effects of liberal-organized boycotts against that state. We are in the majority here. Most polls show that Americans favor Arizona’s new immigration law by nearly two to one. There is power in numbers, and they are on our side this time.

The boycotts are starting to mount …

Hollywood's Religious Double Standard »

Claudia Puig, a film critic for USA Today, recently criticized the new film Sex and the City 2 for being “an affront to Muslims.” However, I don’t ever recall hearing her or other critics complain about Christianity being insulted. And it’s not because they don’t have plenty of opportunities.…

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