Olympic Uniform Hypocrisy »

With nothing better to do than challenge the patriotism of a private company, Congress members on both sides of the isle blasted Ralph Lauren and the US Olympic Committee for not creating uniforms made in the US.

Harry Reid said, “I am so upset. I think the Olympic Committee should be ashamed of themselves. I think they should be embarrassed.  I think they should take all the uniforms, put them …

Current Crop of Candidates Show Tea Party Message Lost on the GOP Establishment »

For a lot of conservatives, 2010 was a year of almost unbridled hope. Thanks to the Tea Party and groups like GOOOH and American Majority it appeared as if the will and desire of the people, in regards to representative government, could be achieved. Men and women from across the country set aside their successful careers, privacy, and their anonymity and jumped into the political ring of fire.

The Founding …

Can Abortion Kill the Republican Overthrow of Obama? »

This has been a crazy week when it comes to the abortion debate. And by crazy, I mean that a handful of Republican politicians, have shoved their foot into their mouth…at least to the knee.

Let me get this little disclaimer out of the way first,

– I am a fiscal conservative. – I have never had an abortion. – I have never been in a situation that would lead…

Conservatives Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory »

When I was a kid, there was a very simply rule of conduct, people in polite society did NOT talk about politics, religion, sex, or money in public.

In fact, unless you lived in the proverbial “one horse town,” your neighbors probably wouldn’t have any idea what church you attended.

A man’s vote or support for a candidate was a private matter and people who wore support pins did so …

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Venuti? »

Labels, Labels, liberals love a label. Right-wing Extremist. Neo-Con. Tea Bagger. It seems that few conservatives can avoid being branded with an ugly moniker designed to shame them into an easily definable (and dismissible) box. 

One of the most important lessons learned by pundits, politicians, and the power hungry, at the feet of domestic terrorist and liberal icon Saul Alinsky, was the importance of disarming and disabling an opponent. In …

Luckily for Giffords ObamaCare Isn’t Yet In force »

I will preface the following with this statement. What happened to Gabrielle Giffords (and the others) was a tragedy. However, as with most tragedies, Giffords’ situation in particular provides us with a very succinct learning opportunity. 

It’s pretty easy to pass judgment and decide what is best for everyone else when you aren’t personally affected by the result. Over reaching politicians, eager to push their own personal agendas as well …

Opportunities in Tragedy »

Within a few minutes of the Arizona shooting, politicians rushed to shove shooter Jared Loughner into the political camp of their opponents. With no motive, no warning, not even a name, the opportunity to make the murders of (at that time) an unknown number of people, political, simply couldn’t be resisted. The tragedy gave those who should have the sense to be silent and somber, a perfect opportunity to pontificate. …