The Illogic and Immorality of Internal Hatred of Jews

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by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

Today, a limitless number of fatalistically misguided misanthropic minorities with ubiquitously hateful pseudo-political ideologies violently squall for the absolute transformation of the world into anarchistically destructive miniature tribal entities. These self-absorbed egomaniac dwarf tyrants who only care about satisfying their own perverse desires at the expense of even their closest kin are, in reality, the products of sick ideologies that call for the merciless destruction of the existing universe for the sake of saving it. Such enemies of their own people incessantly search for real as well as imaginary scapegoats, with the intent of rectifying their own catastrophic defeats. Accordingly, the real reason for the enduring misery of the Middle East and beyond is the repeated failures of many leading politicians and religious authorities to be visionary leaders with an ample sense of reality. The resulting stagnation and even relapses have caused entire societies to become prisoners of irrational lies as emotional bandaids against the dehumanization of life across the greater Middle East and beyond.

Long before Marx published his essay “On the Jewish Question” in 1844 and together with Engels “The Holy Family or Critique of Critical Criticism” in the same year as a prelude to propagate their political and economic ideas that would free the world of the exploitative and money-centered worldview of Judaism, Josephus Flavius remarked in his writing “Against Apion,” dated around 94 CE, that “the Egyptians began the slanders against us.” Indeed, throughout their convoluted coexistence, the Egyptians and the Jews fought a relentless war of mutually exclusive narratives about their political and religious histories. As a result, the views of an Egyptian priest named Manetho gained the upper hand, according to which the Jews were branded as the chief enemies of mankind. Manetho’s judgment, sprinkled with far-fetched stories, gained uncritical approval first by the Greeks and then by the Romans, to be reinforced later by Christianity’s monstrous lie about the ahistorical complicity of the Jews in Jesus’ crucifixion.

The emergence of Islam in the 8th century designated both Jews and Christians the “People of the Book” and, as such, not the enemies of Allah, thus differentiating them from the irredeemable “Pagans” as well as “Unbelievers.” However, the 5th of the 9th Surah of the Qu’ran, also known as al-Tawba, al-Mukhziya (the Shaming One), al-Munakkila (the Torturer), al-Musharrida (the Displacer), and the Sword verse, have created countless religious and ideological confusions by referring to “polytheists” in general, which originally included only pagan Arabs who violated their peace treaties by waging wars against the Muslims, according to the interpretations of al-Baydawi and al-Alusi, but have been extended by a more militant exegesis by Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman to the “People of the Book” too. The introduction of the term “Dhimies” in the Hadith by al-Bukhari and Abu Dawud, meaning all non-Muslims, like Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists, were made second-class people both in Andalusia and in the Ottoman Empire,

The centuries-old exile of the Jews from their ancient land has only contributed to the falsification of Judaism as a fundamentally alien religion and as an abominable way of life. Adding the antediluvian Egyptian insult to the Christian dogmatic injury, Jews have been marked forever as power- and money-hungry megalomaniacs. Wide-ranging barbaric persecutions, undignified ostracism, ruthless genocides, uncivilized pogroms, and the Holocaust were the tragically constant roadmarks of Jewish history across the globe. In 1933, having festively declared the end of “Jewish intellectualism” through “de-Judaization” and the dawn of “New Germany,” Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist, a.k.a. Nazi regime undertook the task of the ultimate liberation of mankind through the perfect extermination of every Jew on earth.

The macabre “Final Solution” definitely contributed to the establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948, which, in turn, gave birth to Arab strategic hostility in the guise of the so-called Palestinian refugee mess. These dual Middle Eastern realities were exacerbated by the long history of anti-Jewishness in the Middle East in particular as well as in the Western world in general. The resurgent anti-Zionism and antisemitism across the globe have also been fueled by the mismanaged migrant crisis both in the United States of America and the European continent. Moreover, social anarchism on both continents, the radicalization of racially motivated anti-White terrorism mainly in North America by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement as well as the Antifa terrorist group, and the growing lawlessness throughout the world have all caused the return of anti-Judaism as the fallacious part of the untrue global White colonization as well as oppression. The local and international reactions to the October 7th terrorism perpetrated by the members of the Gaza-based Hamas have again manifested the historical confusion about the Jews as a distinct religious, cultural, and political minority across the globe. The definition and meaning of aggressors and victims have been reduced once more to the discombobulated mess of fearful discontentment by all those who lack the intelligence as well as the culture to understand the complexity of the world. Thus, it is even more disheartening to witness the deliberately unreal illogic of an untold number of politicians, eminent businesspersons, journalists, and media personalities who believe repeatedly in the obvious lies of barbarian terrorists that the Jews inside Israel and outside it are such a mortal threat to the whole world that a renewed attempt at their extermination is fully justified.

In this unseemly organization of idiotic hatred, the challenge is for statesmen throughout the world, but in particular in the greater region of the Middle East, to separate facts from lies and irrational passions from imperturbable analysis. Without those qualities, the Middle East would never become a stable and peaceful region of the world, prioritizing life-altering progress over never-ending senseless destruction.

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