Pelosi Urges Churches To Press Against Arizona

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It is no secret that, now with campaign season in full swing, time has run out when it comes to having any more liberal agenda items tear through our nation.  As this and the fact that Democrats have a losing chance at continuing to hold on the states after November, Pelosi’s reaction has been to create and reign in troops who will do what the Democrats don’t have time to do.

Recently, she approached the Catholic Church through a speech to Nation’s Catholic Community conference for assistance in increasing the push against Arizona’s new law and for amnesty.  Continuing to say reprieving illegal aliens for entering the country against our laws is a “Manifestation of our living the Gospels”, the manifestation she is looking for is that her and the Democrats have an easy November.  Attempting to pass the unconstitutional torch to a collection of people who will not lose their jobs come Election Day, Pelosi is attempting to have her religious counterparts and constituents be her newest cronies for nothing other than the future of the party.  A catholic, Pelosi requested religious leaders to turn their followers’ heads against the right of Arizona and for the right of the illegal.

Again, another liberal turns to others to dirty their hands for what they cannot do.

The issue remains however to what the reaction of the Catholic Church will be and what the beliefs of this religious sector are.  Rev. Michael P. Orsi has divulged into this question via an article for where he states while the Catholic belief is for everyone to settle wherever they will find the safest and most profitable location, “The role of government is to enable this to happen in an orderly, fair, and safe way.”  An objective Arizona is fighting to do with their new law.

Reverend Orsi continued with a collection of suggestions built within the Catholic faith which includes not only the deportation and legal retribution of illegal aliens but also creating a quota for nation.  Even through this avenue, Pelosi is facing a dead end. It seems Catholics like many Americans have, can and will see the dangerous reality which is amnesty.  While it may solve Pelosi’s upcoming electoral issue and the risk of her and the other liberals’ political power, prospectively the real results will be not only negative for Americans but detrimental to our position on law as a whole. How can we call ourselves a nation of laws if we allow billions of people to break a law and face no retribution?

This in itself is the real question not only of the attack against Arizona’s law but of all laws concerning separating the terms illegal and legal immigration.  The result of this recent request by a head of the Democratic Party just shows not only the increasing realization of their future lack of strength within the government, but also how much against the nation whom they swore to protect they are.  Instead of fighting for our safety and future, they are worried about their own.  In November, no new troops will be on their side of the battlefield, and America will win.

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