Obama Knew All and Did Nothing

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From day one of the spill, we have seen that it has left more than tragedy and waste in its path but also a magnifying of exactly what our White House holds: Zero real leadership and continuous degradation of the U.S. Constitution.  While many political experts have said time and time again that our Commander is no more a leader than Kim Jong-il is a fan of freedom, the American people are experiencing this first hand.

            Before the spill, we saw ourselves with a President who, knowing that there were challenges when it came to oil rig safety, still lifted a moratorium and attempted to swipe the words “Drill Baby Drill” from the Right Wing leaders.  Saying it was not a decision he made lightly, he went forward with the plans.  Americans, who were rightly tired of the reliance on foreign oil, breathed a sigh of relief not only for the oil but to have seen an act from the most inactive President.
      Then we saw the explosion and things changed within seconds.  After the tragedy, the nation waited for some form of response from the man who said he was a citizen’s leader. While a horrific and tragic oil spill, Obama continues accusing everyone but himself for any if at all blame for the damage, death and destruction.  Finally, we have the administration strong-arm the BP companies for money many affected Americans probably won’t see for nothing other than another piece of the American corporate pie, and now we are left with the largest boom regarding this news event ever.

            Barack Obama, who has consistently attempted to keep any bit of the oil spill off of what he actually believes is an untarnished presidency, was told about “issues” in April by Energy and Climate Policy Director Carol Browner regarding the BP spill earlier than any strong action occurred from the Governmental entity.  In fact, not only were impacting related events involved in the discussion, but also the pending damage that would occur in the near to distant future and how hard it would be to plug up the hole left by the explosion. 

             After being told he was told that no repair such as a cap of this type has ever been done and would pretty much need to be created independently, action was required but denied.  So far, the response has been nothing more than a “fund”, families wondering how they are going to survive as their financial resource turns black and an Oval Office Speech that not only made the President a joke but also the American People. 

Throughout every situation regarding this challenging national event, we are being watched and as we see our President discuss and work on everything but BP. Hence, a CEO on a yacht is the least of our worries.  We should not just be asking BP questions but also our own President. We are his employees and frankly his progress report would get any usual employee fired.

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