Media: Charachter only Matters if you are Republican

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“He jumped out of his chair and grabbed her about the neck as he slammed her into the refrigerator. He then grabbed her about both arms, shaking her as they both went over to the kitchen counter, which Mrs. Wilson struck with enough force to take the breath out of her. She then fell to the floor, hitting the bottom door to the sink. As she laid there stunned, she couldn’t move her head or pick up her arm.”

            Sounds like a horror novel doesn’t it? Sadly the event is a sordid past experience of a legislator’s wife. Representative Charlie Wilson, a democrat from Ohio, admitted to grabbing his wife and shaking her during this occurrence which was highlighted in their divorce proceedings. Despite this showing the same lack in real integrity which was placed on Republican Mark Foley within the final month of the 2006 campaign, the reports of this situation by the media has been even smaller than a whisper: It has been silence.   

         Within the final month of the 2006 campaign, the actions of Republican legislator Mark Foley entrapped the Republican Party in a scandal which as a result of its timing tarnished the Republican electoral activity and results of the year’s election.  You could not turn on a television or turn the page of a newspaper without seeing some new revelation regarding Foley or the response of the Republican Party.  However, timing and involved parties seem to be keeping the media from discussing Representative Wilson’s abusive actions toward his wife.    

             National media time and time again state that they are here to give the nation’s citizens every story and the whole story no matter what. Recently however, their bias has shown its ugly head just in time to help their Democrat colleagues in Washington.  Even while there is a standard which regular citizens are placing their legislators at via increasing citizen-run groups such as the Tea Party, the media still has not followed in this popular stride.   

                This portion of Charlie Wilson’s divorce records are unsealed and have been sitting in an Ohio courthouse for two decades; Despite their prospective affect on this legislator’s character and therefore actions toward his constituents, the pages have not been touched by any major media outlet so far. 

              Despite the facts, both the media and Wilson seem to be as untarnished as can be.  In fact, reports show that Wilson should be receiving an endorsement from the National Organization of Woman. Nonetheless, this time the media bias goes far past the soft questions President Obama receives from Matt Lauer or the ridiculously attempted cornering of George Stephanopoulos toward Minority Leader Eric Cantor. This goes into the knowledge about an abusive legislator whose background seems to be off limits simply because of the letter at the end of his name.  The media is once again playing with fire and it will be the nation which will be burned in the end.

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