The Republican Agenda: Stand Firm

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Over at there’s a great summation of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s speech given at the Heritage Foundation today.  In his commentary on McConnell’s remarks, Guy Benson concludes that the Senator, along with Representative John Boehner, “…seem to understand that the conservatives that fueled this week’s GOP wave have expectations, and that a failure to address those expectations would be unacceptable and politically costly.”

Let’s hope so.  We have one chance–one–to repeal a bill most of Congress didn’t even read before voting to pass it.  The window is open and now is our chance to air the socialism out of the linen closets and do some good spring cleaning before 2012 when we can finally sweep the all those uncovered dustballs out the door.  (Unless, of course, the Democrats shred them first.)

Already the press is laying the foundation in order to make its case against Republicans.  I’m counting down the hours until the mainstream media start accusing the new Republican majority of “not reaching to the center of the aisle” to work with Obama.  It starts with verbiage, referring to Boehner as an “ardent foe of the new healthcare law”, and depicting Republicans as employing “guerilla warfare-like tactics” to delay the legislation. 

They have to wait until the new term begins in January to actually come out with the age-old accusation that “they aren’t coming to the center of the aisle” to work with their now-bruised messiah of a President.  And, after that round of bullying (and assuming the Republicans stick to their guns) the MSM will just start calling the Republicans “mean,” in which case they’ll be in good company with Conservatives around the country.

After all, Rush Limbaugh has been “mean” since he dared to declare at a CPAC convention that he hoped the President’s agenda failed.  Only today Limbaugh aired a clip of Joe Scarborough expressing shock that Rush, of all people, would “want the President to fail.”  Joe “I am employed by one of the largest corporate donors to the Obama campaign” Scarborough proceeded to paint himself, an MSNBC Republican, in stark contrast to the conservative radio icon by saying, “I hope the President succeeds!” 

Apparently a majority of the country now wants the President to fail, too.  No wonder MSNBC continues to tank in the ratings.  I’d suggest that, perhaps they ought to call Obama on a favor and get him to Lean Forward in a commercial or two since he’s big on supporting fake news, but if the Nielsens run as red as the election, they might just want to call Roger Ailes and see if they can get Sarah Palin on loan.

There is nothing wrong with wanting Obama’s agenda to fail.  That is why the Republicans took the House.  That is why Rubio, Paul, and Johnson will be walking into the Senate.  Americans want Obama’s socialist agenda to FAIL.  Why do they want the agenda that promised so much “hope” and “change” to fail?  Because they know they can’t trust it–or the man behind it.  Look at some of this election’s ballot initiatives:

  • Arizona and Oklahoma passed legislation banning mandatory participation in the new healthcare legislation, something Missouri voters passed in August.
  • Kansas passed an amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms.
  • Arkansas, South Carolina, and Tennessee passed State amendments guaranteeing their right to hunt and fish.
  • Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah guaranteed the right to a secret ballot, even in Union elections.
  • Oklahoma banned the use of international and shariah law in their courts.
  • Arizona banned the use of affirmative action in public employment, education, and contracting.

Along with tackling affirmative action, hunting, fishing, secret ballots, and shariah law, the states are now taking it upon themselves to ensure that the elements found in our national Bill of Rights are being upheld.  Forget about his complete lack of a military record; this President can’t even inspire enough confidence to assure Americans he can defend the Constitution!

Oh, wait, that’s probably because he’s too busy trying to fundamentally change it.

Stand firm, Mitch McConnell.  Stand firm, John Boehner.  Over the course of the next two years you and your colleagues will be held to blame for the repercussions of every anti-American act this President and his progressive cronies have done to destroy–er, “fundamentally change”–this nation for the past two years. 

Rising unemployment will be your fault.
Rising commodities will be your fault.
Rising insurance premiums will be your fault.
The sinking dollar will be your fault.
The fact that Californians won’t have the cash for pot will be your fault.

And it will all start with your “unwillingness to come to the center of the aisle” in January.

Stand firm, Republicans, on the conservative base that got you the greatest gain your party has seen since 1946.  Stand firm on the principles that made this nation great and do so with the goal of empowering an electorate to declare in 2012, “Yes I Can.”

And think of it this way; standing firm isn’t that mean — hopefully, in two years you’ll be giving Jimmy Carter some company.

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