Apprentice in Chief »

Presidential campaigns help indentify unelectable kooks like the screaming Howard Dean.   They even help spotlight unprepared candidates like Rick Perry.  They also have low job performance predictive validity.…

Another Day, Another Obama Plan »

Op-Ed from Boston Herald 9/20/11

President Obama is ignoring the first rule of holes — when you’re in one, stop digging.

But no, after putting forth a $447 billion so-called jobs plan (which was really just a jobs plan for public employees and construction workers), he has now doubled down on tax hikes as his way of not only paying for that plan, but tackling the deficit it would increase.…

The Art of Killing Young Life »

Young unborn tigers being killed in their mother’s womb is not accepted in our society. What about killing young unborn golden retrievers? If large enough, the baby retrievers would have to be removed piece by piece, or if almost full term, would have to be wholly removed and left to die outside of the womb somewhere. …

Pres. Obama is a Moderate? »

In his Jan. 24, 2011 column E.J. Dionne asks if Pres. Obama should retreat or spend the next two years consolidating the gains Obama has made. My question is what gains has Obama made? Passing a bill that a majority of our country doesn’t want, that was passed before it was written, and one that barely got bi-partisan support is not much of gain. Or is Dionne talking about the …

Cowardly spiritual leaders censor messages, not Big Brother »

Some want you to believe spiritual leaders across the land are a bunch of cowards more afraid of the IRS than the Almighty.

For instance, Wayne Gruden, research professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary, recently opined that since 1954 the IRS has forced churches to refrain from promoting or opposing any political candidate by name.

“The IRS has insists that any speech by churches that deals with …

Don't 'Commit to Vote' »

Barack Obama, via Twitter, once again sounded the call to his supporters to encourage voting this time via the Facebook application, “Commit To Vote,” on Thursday, October 28, 2010.  The application’s development was funded by Organizing for America, a community organizing project of the Democratic National Committee.  Although the app is not partisan in nature it raises some serious privacy concerns, and it encourages more mindless, uneducated activism.…

Tea Party Endorsement Stress Trauma »

The dreaded PEST is back with a vengeance. 

Post-Election Stress Trauma emerged in the U.S. in 2004 after President Bush won reelection.  The symptoms included feelings of sadness, frustration, isolation, bitterness, moodiness and fear.  In severe cases it elicited irrational impulses to emigrate to Canada or even France.

PEST in 2010 has mutated into the insidious TEAPEST, which stands for Tea Party Endorsement Stress Trauma.  It hit Republicans in the …

Curt Schilling's Rhode Island Hoodwink »

Curt Montague Schilling, has never been one to duck controversy nor a good game of old-fashioned hard ball.

In fact, in the latter part of his Major League Baseball (MLB) career as a starting pitcher, who many experts believe will be an easy entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Schilling became a lightning rod for controversy.

With his outspokenness, particularly critical of fellow MLB players, initially with Barry Bonds, …

Supremes reinforce secularization in government school programs »

The U.S. Supreme Court banned the first amendment from government schools Oct. 4. In its refusal to hear an appeal of Stratechuk v. Board of Education, South Orange-Maplewood School District, the high court upheld a ruling that religious songs have no place in public school holiday performances.

School programs may include non-holiday religious music, and holiday religious music may be taught in classrooms.

Michael Stratechuk, the father of two in …

Underhanded or Incompetent; Tax Increases Cost Middle America This Year! »

It’s not just the Bush Tax Cuts…Obama has already hit you with thousands in new taxes that may not even be aware of…yet.

Contrary to Obama’s pledge not to raise taxes on the those making less than $250,000.00, a rate increase is already in effect, as of December 31, 2009, which will result in nearly 30 million working class Americans owing thousands more taxes, this year. 

For the past decade, …