Dr. Rand Paul: It Is Time to Reconsider Unscientific COVID Mandates

Dr. Rand Paul

By Doctor Rand Paul

I think we can all agree the Senate wouldn’t function very well without the pages.

The very first Senate page was a nine-year-old boy named Grafton Hanson who was appointed by Daniel Webster back in 1829.  Back in those days, the pages had to refill ink wells and clean out spittoons.

Things have changed a little bit around here since then. The work isn’t quite as …


September 11 2023 / No comment / Read More »

“The CLEAN Future Act” Guarantees Dramatically More Expensive and Less Reliable Energy


By George Landrith    •    Pres., Frontiers of Freedom

Democrats on the House Energy & Commerce Committee have introduced a relabeled and slightly revised bill from the past and given it the inaccurate and misleading name “the CLEAN Future Act.” ... March 16 2021 / No comment / Read More »

Our Constitution Doesn’t Take a Holiday 

first-amendment by Horace Cooper   Americans enjoyed their Thanksgiving time with family last week and simultaneously discovered a special treat.   In a per curiam opinion the Supreme Court sided with the religiously faithful against unfair regulation by the state of New York.     In Roman Catholic... December 7 2020 / No comment / Read More »

Unions and BLM Activists Feign Support for Blacks


By Council Nedd

During the Obama Administration, America saw its lowest labor force participation rates since the Carter era. While all groups suffered, blacks suffered disproportionately.

Yet there was nary a peep from the budding Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement back then.

And as jobs in... October 29 2020 / No comment / Read More »

Next generation ICBM should be...

By George Landrith    •    President, Frontiers of Freedom

America’s Minuteman Inter-continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was first deployed in 1962 in the cold war environment of “Mutually Assured Destruction” and was a system designed to last 10 years.  The system has been updated over 50 to 60 years...

Sep 4, 2019 / More » Minuteman ICBM Missile Nuclear Deterrant

International Trade Is a Criti...

by George Landrith

International trade is a critical growth engine for the nation’s economic strength and prosperity.  Today, we’re at several crossroads with many of our largest trading partners to ensure the U.S. is not unfairly disadvantaged in the global marketplace.  As the Administration confronts these issues — including...

Jun 26, 2019 / More » Ex-Im_Bank

Mitt Romney: The Foolish Hatc...

by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

Although, despite his two resounding defeats in 2008 for the Republican Party’s nomination, and in 2012 against Barack Obama for the Presidency, no one accused Mitt Romney of not possessing an abundance of political intelligence.In fact, the vast majority of Americans have judged him...

Mar 8, 2016 / More » mitt-romney-donald-trump

ICANN: Change of Leadership, ...

ICANN still wants a huge gift of taxpayer property worth billions and will savage free speech if it gets its way. 


by George Landrith


Earlier this month, Sweden’s Goran Marby was named the new head of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit organization established by...

Feb 17, 2016 / More » Icann
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