America’s Unsustainable Disunity

Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

I was ten years old when I left Matyas Rakosi’s Stalinist Hungary.  After living in a democracy abroad, I returned to the country of my birth five years later and realized that I cannot live in a state ruled by a radically dehumanizing tyranny bent on annihilating the individual’s inherent sovereignty.  This incontrovertible truth was brutally suppressed by the mendacious official propaganda, according to which both …


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 By Miklos K. Radvanyi

From its inception and throughout its terror-stained history, the so-called Soviet Empire of the post-World War II waggled chaotically over the bottomless abyss of political, economic, financial, moral as well as ideological extermination.  In permanent wars with... May 28 2024 / No comment / Read More »

The Afterlife of Mahātmā Gandhi – a Peaceful Warrior

By András Sándor Kocsis

“A creative person is one who thinks differently from others, and acts differently from others” – András Sándor Kocsis.

1. Solidarity

Animals are preserved by their innate genetic programming, which will provide them with definitive guidance on where they... March 28 2024 / No comment / Read More »

The Illogic and Immorality of Internal Hatred of Jews

by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

Today, a limitless number of fatalistically misguided misanthropic minorities with ubiquitously hateful pseudo-political ideologies violently squall for the absolute transformation of the world into anarchistically destructive miniature tribal entities. These self-absorbed egomaniac dwarf tyrants who only... November 2 2023 / No comment / Read More »

The Unacceptable Tolerance of ...

by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

The history of terrorism and its essence can be encapsulated in a single sentence.  Terrorism has always been the barbaric ideology of tiny psychopathic minorities possessed by xenophobic hatred toward any concept of normalcy and peace.  Accordingly, the more a terrorist movement has degenerated...

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The Fog of Senseless Abominati...

by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

From time immemorial, it had been a favorite pastime of historians, philosophers, theologians, politicians as well as adventurers of all persuasions to provide answers and even harebrained solutions to the seemingly insoluble puzzle of enduring anti-Judaism across the globe.  The list of hate inspired...

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From Cradle of Judea-Christian...

By Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

In a global historical perspective, carrying on  paradoxical wars against the past by terroristically destroying themselves as well as others, have been the eternal undertakings of all those individuals, ethnic groups as well as nations who have felt – rightly or wrongly –...

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Dr. Rand Paul: It Is Time to...

By Doctor Rand Paul

I think we can all agree the Senate wouldn’t function very well without the pages.

The very first Senate page was a nine-year-old boy named Grafton Hanson who was appointed by Daniel Webster back in 1829.  Back in those days, the pages had to refill ink...

Sep 11, 2023 / More »
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