Chappelle-Nadal’s Plans for Westlake Almost As Bad As Her Posts on Social Media

West Lake Landfill

by Crystal Wright

Some elected officials embarrass us by what they do, don’t do or say.

Take Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal for example. This longtime black Democrat crossed the line when she announced on social media her hope that President Donald J. Trump would be “assassinated” because she didn’t like the way he responded to events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Whether one agrees or disagrees with an elected official, it …


September 1 2017 / No comment / Read More »

ICANN: Change of Leadership, but Same Old Story …

Icann ICANN still wants a huge gift of taxpayer property worth billions and will savage free speech if it gets its way. 


by George Landrith


Earlier this month, Sweden’s Goran Marby was named the new head of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names... February 17 2016 / No comment / Read More »

Monument To Hubris In The Arizona Desert

by George Landrith

I don’t know if the ancient language of Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Native American tribe includes a word for “hubris” — defined as excessive pride or self-confidence, with synonyms like “arrogance” and “deceit.”

Regardless of whether they have an equivalent word for hubris,... December 21 2015 / No comment / Read More »

Conservatives have every reason to be optimistic


Freedom and opportunity are on the horizon with a new crop of principled, capable and positive conservatives. 

by George Landrith   

In the past few weeks and the next couple weeks, we will see most of the expected entrants into the GOP... June 19 2015 / No comment / Read More »

More “smidgens” of IRS...

by Ed Rogers  •     

Anyone paying attention to the Internal Revenue Service scandal has been waiting for the next smidgen to drop. Well, two more hit pretty hard this week. At the president’s next encounter with the media, I will scream collusion if no one...

Jul 16, 2014 / More » IRS-Scandal

Party bosses selling out Free ...

Make no mistake about it from State Board of Elections (SBE) Administrator-for-life Linda Lamone to the legislators who refuse to ask the lieutenant governor what he knew and when he knew it regarding the state healthcare roll out fiasco, Anthony Brown is the Democrat machines’s selection as the...

Jan 29, 2014 / More » libya-benghazi

The Government slow-down: A ca...

by George Landrith

The Obama administration continues to play politics and operate in perpetual campaign mode, rather than lead or govern. Obama has shutdown portions of the government and even private property owned by American citizens not because the law requires it, but because he sees a political advantage...

Oct 8, 2013 / More » Government Shutdown 3

Weak and Mindless Public Disco...

by George Landrith

The question Left of center is, “How do you feel about it?” How do you feel about ObamaCare? How do you feel about gun violence? Do you feel that the rich pay their fair share? Feelings are legitimate, but they apply to relationships and people, not...

Apr 16, 2013 / More » brain-thinking
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