Are We Better Off? Business Publication Says No »

Economic Conditions: All weekend, Democratic party leaders kept fumbling their answer to a simple question: Are we better off than we were four years ago? There’s a good reason for that: We’re not.

It wasn’t until Monday that the campaign was able to figure out how to answer the question, with Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, saying, “Absolutely.”

Obama’s argument is simple: The economy was headed for a second …

Recess missing one key demand from the Obama/Pelosi Led House »

            The one thing Obama seemed to pride himself on was that his legislative majority, especially in the house, was behind him.  When ObamaCare was signed into law, it was called a triumph by many of the liberal Representatives who supported it.  However, when it came to actually supporting it on their land via health-care town halls the left sang a completely different tune.…

Illegal Immigration Not a Victimless Crime, Time To Act Like It! »

Let’s face it. We are not safe.  Not only do the people across our waters risk our lives but also the people within our own country.  There are people who literally live day by day without being known.  While the obvious reaction should be regulation and the enforcement of our already standing borders, we literally almost fight for this threat in response to every action against it.

Recently, Arizona has …