The Path to Pacifistic Normalization

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by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

How did Hamas’s horrific depravity against innocent civilians of all ages in southern Israel on October 7, 2023 spin almost instantaneously into stony-hearted anti-Judaism across the globe?  How could hatred fueled inhumanity prevent otherwise normal people from not getting the events of October 7, 2023 into proper perspective?  Are the majority of the citizens of planet earth really so terribly ill-educated even in the West that they cannot see the glaring differences between the democratic republic of Israel and its opposite, the Muslim Brotherhood’s cum Hamas’s barbarous political, religious as well as military terrorism?  To add to this evil-spirited insult the burgeoning geostrategic injury, orchestrated mainly by Beijing, Moscow as well as Tehran, and using Israel’s war on Hamas to accelerate the upsetting of the balance of power across the globe, the White House and all the capitals of Europe, Africa, Asia and South America have proven that they collectively lack strategic vision to deal farsightedly with this antediluvian conundrum.  Indeed, under the banner of “West haters of the earth unite,” reality denying orgiastic nobodies are trying hard to transform the world into a monstrous Armageddon that would result in never ending wars, genocide, civilizational annihilation, and even the complete obliteration of mankind at large.  

Moreover, Muslim mobs of various ethnicities, intoxicated with fallacious religious indoctrination as well as hate-filled misconstruction of sociopolitical realities rampage across the globe with impunity, while leaderless multinational organizations cum confused foreign national governments vie with each other in declaring the State of Israel illegitimate and the Jews less than human creatures.  This violently aggressive attempt at the globalization of the so-called “Palestinian Question” that is packed with contorted and even maliciously lying narratives, however, has been destroyed ingloriously by its hoax implementation in the last hundred years.  Crazed with unrealistic illusions and led astray by the complete ignorance of sanity beyond which the application of terror becomes self-destructive, various Jihadist Muslim groups in the Middle East have used terrorism as desperate methods of preserving their illegitimate powers internally as well as externally.  This blatant usurpation of absolute political, economic, financial, cultural as well as ideological legitimacy, have cemented the extreme abuses of force within these organizations that, in turn, now appear to drag the rest of the world into a vicious circle of psychopathological idiocy.

Yet, regardless of the present discombobulated conditions in the Middle East,  the so-called “Palestinian Question” is passing through a general Arab cum Muslim crisis.  Clearly because of October 7, 2023, the entire Middle Eastern region has been put in a very dangerous situation.  Today, the Arab League appears to be lost in a maze of contradictions that it fails to fully comprehend.  Equally, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation founded by Tehran in 1999, almost exclusively praises Muslim martyrdom and glorifies horrific casualties among its own followers.  While the monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are attempting to reform and modernize, the Russia-China-Iran engendered violence have only caused ubiquitous regression coupled with too many hatreds and concomitant fears both internally as well as externally.  On the other hand, repeated wars have not resulted in normalization because even victories proved  ineffective in the long run without the meaningful paradigm shift of cultural self-determination from “the State of Israel is the reason for all the existing problems of the Arab world,” used cynically by autocratic states as well as Jihadist groups that strive for the extermination of all opposition to their desired hegemony, to the constructive realization that “lasting peace can only be made among legitimate governments and not with illegitimate terrorist groups.”

Through more than a century-long violence, turmoil and fear, the greater Middle East still finds itself blinded by global panic, because its constituent states have followed the dictum of violence to accomplish their either benevolent or nefarious objectives.  Therefore, if the monarchies, the so-called republics and Israel were to avoid their collective political suicide, they collectively are obliged to understand that as general sufferings can no more be imposed indefinitely on their peoples than lasting peace can only be achieved, and not forced, through the universal consent of the inhabitants of the region.  The first step on the path of starting this process must be taken by the Arab/Muslim states.  Antisemitic as well as anti-Zionist indoctrination under the guise of religious education must be stopped and corrected according to the actual history of the Arabs and the Jews and not based upon falsified narratives and blatant lies.  Secondly, both Arabs as well as Jews must declare in unison that they will jointly eradicate any form of violence and will refrain from abusing their economic, financial, technological and military powers.  Thirdly, “accords,” “agreements” and “treaties” must not be violated but kept as agreed upon, regardless of the power struggles within and outside the region.  Fourth, instead of constantly focusing on past grievances and problems they must highlight the positive accomplishments and future prospects of cultural and technological opportunities.  Fifth, continue taking advantage of the Abraham Accord by jointly redesigning the foundations of their economic cooperation based on the burgeoning competitiveness with the world economy in the 21st century and beyond.

Such enduring pacifistic normalization would signal the paramount victory of Western, Muslim and Zionist ideas as well as ideals for the times to come.  Moreover, this paradigm transformation from “the Jews are the problem” to “opportunity through peace and cooperation” would provide the United States of America, its allies and friends with the moral high ground to defeat the cynical as well as imperialistic designs of Beijing, Moscow and Tehran in this strategically important region for good.  Finally, by following the path of pacifistic normalization, the vicious circle of repeated violence and hatred would be broken.  The nefarious objectives of all destructive tyrannies would be defeated and the epoch of enduring peace could commence.


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