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 By Miklos K. Radvanyi

From its inception and throughout its terror-stained history, the so-called Soviet Empire of the post-World War II waggled chaotically over the bottomless abyss of political, economic, financial, moral as well as ideological extermination.  In permanent wars with its real cum invented enemies at home and abroad, the Soviet Union’s stinking corpse has left a ubiquitous legacy of tyrannical intolerance as well as an all consuming hatred in the subjugated people’s brainwashed minds.  The resulting mental and moral defects have led to the reemergence of the “double lives” phenomena – one for the gullible Western world, before whom the liberated people of the universal Soviet Gulag have emphasized their past  cultural affinity with and future devotion to the Free World, while domestically they have continued to live in the twisted egotism of destructive existential survival.  Thus, instead of having freed their societies from the stifling lack of self-responsibility, the unconscionable misuses of the words “freedom” and “democracy” have again justified oppression by the same individuals that were the so-called “vanguard” of the Communist tyrannies in their respective countries.  In this manner, the return to power of Churchill’s Crypto Communists have been a historically inevitable occurrence. 

Today, the blithering basket case of these “double lives” and Crypto Communist phenomena is Hungary with its one party Gangsterocracy.  This latter political “vanguard” is hilariously called The Party of the Young Democrats (Hungarian acronyms: FIDESZ), founded on March 30, 1988, by the current Prime Minister Viktor Orban and some other like minded miscreants.  The son of a brutally megalomaniac local Communist Party Secretary father and an equally self-absorbed mother, the young Viktor Orban has possessed an unbalanced personality bordering on schizophrenia.  Corresponding to his outrageous upbringing, Viktor Orban has been in a state of permanent revolt against everybody and everything he has come into contact with.  In short, he has been the quintessentially unadaptable, born rebel.  Even more perilously, his rebellion has brought him in permanent conflicts with everyone – his parents, his teachers, his friends, his supporters, his benefactors, his detractors – and above all with himself. 

Finally, to compound this human mess called Viktor Orban, he has become the symbol of an individual without real roots and convictions – the Hungarian version of the Flying Dutchman in a never- ending search for identity.  Since he could identify neither with the Western ethos of liberty nor with the Communist credo of tyrannical discipline, his only refuge has been a compelling drive to absolute control of his domestic as well as foreign environments.  Yet, lacking a defining cultural background, he has fallen in love with the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.  Hence, his all encompassing corruption for the sake of personal enrichment.  More broadly, also his quest for deceiving others and the desire to emulate those whom he hates.  Wholly absorbed by such primitive and contradictory torrents of emotions, he has become a fraud with the psychopathic ability to mislead and manipulate everybody.

By 2010, when he ascended to power for the second time with an absolute majority, these catastrophic Viktor Orban phenomena had become too apparent.  On the one hand, his public persona has been based on unending personal and professional lies and distortions.  On the other hand, his domestic as well as foreign policies have rapidly demolished the carefully crafted legend of the anti-Soviet cum Russian, pro-democracy and devout Hungarian/Christian politician of inherent goodness and superior intelligence.  Domestically, he immediately reinstated the Stalinist dogma of “who is not with us is against us.”  This hateful and tyrannical sentence has engendered base hatred by his voters against the other 50% of Hungarians. 

Having legitimized hatred as a political imperative of Viktor Orban loyalty and thus having again laid the foundation for a class-based division of Hungarian society, he has proceeded to completely destroy all the pillars of the constitutional order.  Internationally, with his battle cry to hell with the warmongering NATO and the Hungarian national sovereignty threatening European Union, he has expressed his contempt for the alliances and the values that Hungary as a member state swore to uphold and to protect.  In this vein, he has declared himself to be the self-appointed bridge between the East and West.  In reality, he made Hungary the grossly unequal servile partner of Russia and China, or as very recently the Minority Leader of the American Congress Senator Mitch McConnell stated the “doormat” of President Xi Jingping’s, and as I might add, the Trojan Horse of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

Today, less than a month before the local elections and the simultaneous elections of the 21 Hungarian members of the European Parliament, the choice for the Hungarian voters is between Viktor Orban’s Gangsterocracy and Western style democracy.  The fact is that history has always been on the side of freedom.  Nations where politicians have labored under the fallacious belief that they possess all the right solutions and anyone who disagrees with them is evil, have been relegated, as a rule, to stagnation and even certain decline.  Viktor Orban who has been blinded by his absolute powers and by his passion for senseless destruction must be stopped because he has become an intolerable liability for Hungary’s future and an existential threat to the well being of the world.

Therefore, the Free World and the Hungarian opposition must unite in their resolve to send Viktor Orban and his Gangsterocracy to the ash heap of history for the purpose of providing suitable company to the already defunct Russian and Chinese versions of the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist idiocies.    

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