Apprentice in Chief

Presidential campaigns help indentify unelectable kooks like the screaming Howard Dean.   They even help spotlight unprepared candidates like Rick Perry.  They also have low job performance predictive validity. Read more

Tea Party Endorsement Stress Trauma

The dreaded PEST is back with a vengeance. 

Post-Election Stress Trauma emerged in the U.S. in 2004 after President Bush won reelection.  The symptoms included feelings of sadness, frustration, isolation, bitterness, moodiness and fear.  In severe cases it elicited irrational impulses to emigrate to Canada or even France.

PEST in 2010 has mutated into the insidious TEAPEST, which stands for Tea Party Endorsement Stress Trauma.  It hit Republicans in the primaries first, but that’s a tempest in a teapot compared to what Democrats face. Read more

Ignorance of Dems is Now Going Too Far

            Ignorance. It is a factor of the liberal leadership and has been pretty much accepted by aspects of society such as the media.  However, Massachusetts Representative Tierney has given another definition to the word as he consistently states he did not know anything regarding his own wife’s involvement in her brother’s illegal business.

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Using our Rights against Our Own: The 9-11 Mosque and Religious Rights

       There is one consistent factor of our society which we are seeing more and more: Using our rights against ourselves in order to protect others.  A great recent example is the 9-11 Mosque.  Almost daily, people are debating the 9-11 Mosque and whether it should be placed two blocks where terrorists involved in the same religion took down the twin towers and changed the nation and the world forever.  When the Mosque was first announced, it was a blip on the television. Aside from some conservative groups and tea party members, even the related rallies was lacking publicity despite taking place right where most mainstream media has their central headquarters.  Now that it has been approved, people are screaming and the media responding.

      Just as immediately, political leaders began to state the right to practice religion as a reason why this factor should not be evaded.  Aside from the fact that the head of the project will not present where his millions in funding came from and has discussed his project in one breath while blaming America for the attack in the second, America once again has to turn the other cheek while being spit in the face.  Defending religious… Read more

With Kagan’s Nomination, We Get A Lifetime Obama

      The bottom line, however you want to look at it, to Obama’s selection for Supreme Court is the choice’s reasoning is for his power only.  Not only is Kagan not a correct choice for the nation but for the court as well; especially in this time of war and fiscal challenge.

      No matter who it is, everyone you will speak to about Kagan has their own ideas of her but the one thing that stands out within everyone’s response is clear: “No experience in the judicial chambers.” Although many follow that up with other previous members of the Supreme Court and their glowing background as justices, it is not just the experience but what comes along with it that we should be just as concerned with.  It is the timing of her arrival.

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Why are We Suprised?

Just around MemoGate I was an aspiring reporter who was prepping for a career in investigative journalism. In my spare time, I had a political Internet radio program called The Conservative Watchdog. This was the only place I allowed my political views to surface, especially as a consistent stringer reporter and intern.  While at a New York Conference, I raised my hand to ask about my program and how it could assist me in some way through political reporting, the responding “Journalism Expert” stated: “You could always work for Fox News.” An eruption of laughter filled the room.

I left journalism the next day and promptly changed my major to Political Science, never looking back.

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Democrats’ Reason for Fear of the Immigration Lawsuit Shows How Power Hungry the DNC Is

Although America has already shown a historic height of dissatisfaction regarding our current President, the most alarming rejection is recently coming from a very surprising sector of politics: members of his own party.  In a recent White House meeting, the nation’s democrat governors grumbled against the recent legal attack on Arizona for their newest immigration enforcement law S.B. 1070. Discussing it Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen said, “Universally the governors are saying, ‘We’ve got to talk about jobs,’ and all of a sudden we have immigration going on.” 

While the statement may bring a sigh of relief to some who are happy to see that at least our state leaders know what really needs attention, deeper within their rejection of the lawsuit, you see nothing but the dangerous hunger of the liberals. Despite this lawsuit being an example of a nation attacking itself from within in an already challenging time, it wasn’t the action that the governors are snubbing but the timing of the action so close to November of 2010. 

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Terror Lawyer Tapped to do Obama v. Arizona Lawsuit: Talk about Conflict of Interest

          Just hours ago it was announced that Tony West, a member of a group of lawyers who have represented terror suspects and are coined as “The Gitmo 9”, will be leading the Obama Administration in their suit against Arizona.  Arguing against the state taking a federal law that the national law enforcement were not using and making it a state requirement, every day this lawsuit shows more and more its conflicting objective: from being released first on international press to attacking a law that had been on the federal books for years. 

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Another Attempt to Control the Electorate Done By Obama…this Time Personally

           If you are a political analyst like my colleagues and myself you knew firsthand what Obama was going to do to the nation even before Election Day approached. However, even the most right wing pundit was surprised when it began to come out that during his White House term, Obama wasn’t just controlling corporations but also elections.  Read more

America Deserves the Apology

BP is deserving of no apology; the real apology, should be to the American people. What is the real “shakedown” are the actions taken by the Obama Administration in order to milk whatever they can get from the BP spill aftermath. While they are happily having speeches cloaked in actions toward BP when in reality are a push for pending legislation, the actions that they are supposedly forcing against BP is already occurring. The same amount of money, $20 billion, is already pre-arranged as a start for BP to pay for the effects of the tragedy to an “independent” party. Further, they have especially recently accepted liability which will result in many costly civil cases.

Before the fund, $100 Billion has already been paid to workers that were unemployed by the ban on offshore drilling which by the way, Obama placed on our nation in a time of already consistent recession and overseas oil reliance. While liberal political strategist James Carville may have called the action “A little old-school Read more

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