Conservatives Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

When I was a kid, there was a very simply rule of conduct, people in polite society did NOT talk about politics, religion, sex, or money in public.

In fact, unless you lived in the proverbial “one horse town,” your neighbors probably wouldn’t have any idea what church you attended.

A man’s vote or support for a candidate was a private matter and people who wore support pins did so only at political rallies.

That old saying, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors,” was both a warning to mind your own business about my private life and a pledge that I won’t get involved in your private life.

Your salary, how much money you had in the bank (or under your mattress), and how much you spent or saved was simply private and personal information and most people had no idea how a person lived their financial life until the reading of the will.

Today, Republicans claim to adhere to the values that made America great. Yet, second only to blaming liberals and Obama for the destruction of America, conservatives do their darnedest to play the self defeating game of exclusionist politics all based on rejecting those basic rules of polite society Read more

The Republican Agenda: Stand Firm

Over at there’s a great summation of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s speech given at the Heritage Foundation today.  In his commentary on McConnell’s remarks, Guy Benson concludes that the Senator, along with Representative John Boehner, “…seem to understand that the conservatives that fueled this week’s GOP wave have expectations, and that a failure to address those expectations would be unacceptable and politically costly.”

Let’s hope so.  We have one chance–one–to repeal a bill most of Congress didn’t even read before voting to pass it.  The window is open and now is our chance to air the socialism out of the linen closets and do some good spring cleaning before 2012 when we can finally sweep the all those uncovered dustballs out the door.  (Unless, of course, the Democrats shred them first.)

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Ignorance of Dems is Now Going Too Far

            Ignorance. It is a factor of the liberal leadership and has been pretty much accepted by aspects of society such as the media.  However, Massachusetts Representative Tierney has given another definition to the word as he consistently states he did not know anything regarding his own wife’s involvement in her brother’s illegal business.

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Obama’s FCC Pushes its Unauthorized Internet Agenda

By Seton Motley
John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable reported:

The Federal Communications Commission-FCC is issuing a public notice to “improve the FCC’s understanding of business broadband needs,” calling it the “next step” advancing the FCC’s small business broadband agenda.   Only one problem with this FCC assertion.  They’re not supposed to have a small business broadband agenda.  Or a broadband agenda.  Or any sort of Internet agenda at all.  The FCC only has authority over that which Congress writes laws giving it authority.  And, as repeatedly pointed out, Congress has never given the FCC authority over the Internet.  

299 members of Congress, from both Parties, more than 150 organizations, state legislators and bloggers, seventeen minority groups, and a unanimous Washington, D.C. Circuit Court – led by a Democrat-appointee, all have said the very same thing.  Even Massachusetts Democrat Senator John Kerry was once upon a flip-flop saying it too.

So why is the FCC launching yet another public notice exploration into unauthorized territory?   

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Discussion of Reason for Beck’s Rally Its Own Cry for Help

         It is not news to hear that we are in an environment of bias which is fueled by our mainstream media. It is not even news when we hear that people who speak truth are pushed down by this sector. However, a recent situation has forced us to not only see the strength of this realization but also the danger. Read more

No Longer A Rumor: Obama Wants Amnesty

        The people who watch politics closely expected it, the ones who didn’t assumed it and now we know it. Through an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service memo, the Obama Administration blatantly confirmed amnesty is their number one objective regarding illegal immigration.  Actually calling removal of persons who are not in the United States legally a “threat”, this is not only proof of a Capitol Hill rumor that was just in the past few month showing teeth, but another spit mark on the Constitution made by our current leader.

                While the Constitution is vague when discussing the ability and standards of Executive orders, it does show that it is within the limits of the leader that the actions should stand.  Nonetheless, through an Executive Order Obama plans to replace actual and real reform regarding Immigration with aspects that equal amnesty for illegal aliens; The same document Obama used to lure upcoming former legislator Bart Stupak which turned out to be less worth the ink used to write it, the document in question discusses it will include steps such as a “deferred action” to allow illegal aliens to stay in the country, legally as well as extending the “grace period”… Read more

Why are We Suprised?

Just around MemoGate I was an aspiring reporter who was prepping for a career in investigative journalism. In my spare time, I had a political Internet radio program called The Conservative Watchdog. This was the only place I allowed my political views to surface, especially as a consistent stringer reporter and intern.  While at a New York Conference, I raised my hand to ask about my program and how it could assist me in some way through political reporting, the responding “Journalism Expert” stated: “You could always work for Fox News.” An eruption of laughter filled the room.

I left journalism the next day and promptly changed my major to Political Science, never looking back.

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Democrats’ Reason for Fear of the Immigration Lawsuit Shows How Power Hungry the DNC Is

Although America has already shown a historic height of dissatisfaction regarding our current President, the most alarming rejection is recently coming from a very surprising sector of politics: members of his own party.  In a recent White House meeting, the nation’s democrat governors grumbled against the recent legal attack on Arizona for their newest immigration enforcement law S.B. 1070. Discussing it Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen said, “Universally the governors are saying, ‘We’ve got to talk about jobs,’ and all of a sudden we have immigration going on.” 

While the statement may bring a sigh of relief to some who are happy to see that at least our state leaders know what really needs attention, deeper within their rejection of the lawsuit, you see nothing but the dangerous hunger of the liberals. Despite this lawsuit being an example of a nation attacking itself from within in an already challenging time, it wasn’t the action that the governors are snubbing but the timing of the action so close to November of 2010. 

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Terror Lawyer Tapped to do Obama v. Arizona Lawsuit: Talk about Conflict of Interest

          Just hours ago it was announced that Tony West, a member of a group of lawyers who have represented terror suspects and are coined as “The Gitmo 9”, will be leading the Obama Administration in their suit against Arizona.  Arguing against the state taking a federal law that the national law enforcement were not using and making it a state requirement, every day this lawsuit shows more and more its conflicting objective: from being released first on international press to attacking a law that had been on the federal books for years. 

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Another Attempt to Control the Electorate Done By Obama…this Time Personally

           If you are a political analyst like my colleagues and myself you knew firsthand what Obama was going to do to the nation even before Election Day approached. However, even the most right wing pundit was surprised when it began to come out that during his White House term, Obama wasn’t just controlling corporations but also elections.  Read more

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