The Afterlife of Mahātmā Gandhi – a Peaceful Warrior »

By András Sándor Kocsis

“A creative person is one who thinks differently from others, and acts differently from others” – András Sándor Kocsis.

1. Solidarity

Animals are preserved by their innate genetic programming, which will provide them with definitive guidance on where they belong, what the most suitable habitat is for them, who their enemies and friends are. Humans, on the other hand, are born alone, and were it not …

On the Devilish Path to Self-Destruction »

by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

Hungarians, throughout their boomerang-like Orwellian history that almost always manifested itself in variegated fiascos, have never been able to objectively comprehend their country’s actual place and its realistic role in the European continent and beyond.  Amid the regularly recurring protracted occupations by foreign powers and the rare intervals of national independence, Hungarians have developed a self-pitying victimhood mentality that has become the hypocritical cornerstone of …

The Government slow-down: A case study in bad faith politics and failed leadership »

by George Landrith

The Obama administration continues to play politics and operate in perpetual campaign mode, rather than lead or govern. Obama has shutdown portions of the government and even private property owned by American citizens not because the law requires it, but because he sees a political advantage in doing it and then blaming his adversaries. He knows that the mainstream media will gleefully assist him in this endeavor …