Obama's immigration litmus test: Is it good for the party?

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Nobody needs a crystal ball to see we are in a time of incredible governmental challenge. The nation has, as a result of a hypnotized monopoly, been handed an inexperienced president and power-hungry majority who leads him. Until 2010 and then 2012, there are many errors they will make which we will have to pay for and afterward, clean up in hopes that few lives are affected until then. Once again, Obama has shown his amateur experience by inadvertently reacting to legislation with nothing in mind but his own power.

After the Arizona Bill SB 1070 was enacted into law, suddenly our president awoke and demanded the Supreme Court to examine the legality of what it contains. After Arizona asked for federal assistance after rancher Robert Krentz was killed in an area known for illegal human trafficking and was responded to with silence, our president is questioning their internal reactions to deal with the issue before another life is lost. It seems Obama believes defending a border state, and hence the country, against unknown unlawful inhabitants is unconstitutional.

It seems that our president is placing a bull’s-eye on this objective for one obvious and criminal reason: votes. Already it has been common knowledge through avenues such as discussions with Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) that amnesty will be on the liberal agenda just in time for re-election season. Now, all of a sudden his plans of amnesty in order to protect the left-wing power majority are challenged and he’s attempting to whip out the Constitution in response.

The law is in no way evading our nation’s rights. If anything, it strengthens them. We have a right to know who calls America home and this legislation forces that right. Further, if Obama actually read the legislation he would also see not only are the words police “may not solely consider race, color or national origin” in the law, a majority of SB 1070 only strengthens pre-existing laws restricting illegal immigration, transportation and employment as well as opens connections between law enforcement agencies. Something we should be doing as a nation in war.

Already, even before Krentz’s passing, Arizona was risked daily by illegal aliens and the crimes they commit. In fact, many statistics will tell you this is not the first life taken via this criminal activity. The rancher just allowed them to discuss the issue publicly and the result has been this bill. If anything, Arizona should be applauded for their coming to action against a growing epidemic than is no more a politically correct issue than the president is a good leader. This is what our state’s government is supposed to do: React when responses are necessary and there is a risk to citizens. When it comes to this objective, not only safety is involved but also economy. Arizona asked for help and had to respond even without federal assistance for the good not only of their state but the country as a whole.

More importantly being a part of the border, they have a responsibility to be a stronghold for our national security. Whether people like the idea or not, illegal aliens are a threat to national security. We do not know who they are or what they are here for. Lack of knowledge, within every objective regarding our nation, is a risk we should not be willing to take.

Newbie presidents and community organizers do not make an immigration nor constitutional expert; especially when they pick and choose what to examine according to their own agenda. There is no doubt that many wish our president would just stay on vacation, enjoy the celebrities and let the real legislators handle the issues.

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