Community Organizer Does Not Make A Constitutional Expert

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Once again our President calls himself an expert to something he knows nothing about: The Constitution. Through actions such as backdoor deals for ObamaCare and selling Executive Orders like they are candy, even Ray Charles can see this is a document Obama has not studied.  Nonetheless, Arizona has become a target by our President’s new litmus test for state law and constitutionality.

Despite it fully stating an agenda against racial profiling and other negative objectives against our citizens’ rights, after the Arizona Bill SB 1070 was enacted into law Obama publicly questioned its contents and demanded the Supreme Court examine its legality and constitutionality.  There is no reason why we as a nation should be surprised by this reaction.  Already, it has been common knowledge that the Democratic majority “led” by Obama, are prepping to announce the objective of amnesty in order to attempt keeping their grip on our Senate and House.  This reaction is nothing more than a voter hungry attack and once again we are faced with the realization that we are, states and individuals, on our own when it comes to keeping this nation safe and keeping it the America it has always been.

A major issue of this is a legislation would not even be a thought if the calls for help from this state when the rancher Robert Krentz was killed weren’t ignored.  Nobody thought that the ignorance of their calls was going to result in zero action.  This is what the states are supposed to do: React to threats against themselves and the nation. Further, since Obama and his cronies are too busy with their own agenda items, it is as time where states are pretty much on their own.

Hence, Obama must realize that legislation such as this will not be just a ripple in the water, but a wave of states’ rights. Already Texas has been reported working on such objectives and it has already been predicted the states’ most affected by illegal aliens will follow in stride for the good of their citizens and in turn our nation.

Therefore, if anything the state of Arizona should be rewarded and not rejected for their recent action against this growing epidemic that is illegal aliens.  They are a state lined up with a very dangerous and fragile border which not only affects their daily lives but in turn affects ours. Nobody believes that Arizona is the only state which holds a great majority of illegal aliens, but many realize Arizona is an entrance way to many.

What confuses many is why every other country has the right to keep their borders strong but we are shunned when we follow in stride.  We as a nation have had times of immigration where people would arrive here from abroad, were immediately accounted for and applied legally to become U.S. Citizens. All of a sudden, this process is wrong because we are a melting pot. This is so backwards it’s scary. America has both a right and a responsibility to know who makes up our society.  Not only as a result of being in a time of war but also for common sense. If you break a law, you are punished. Illegal aliens are breaking the law; Punishment should and will follow.

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