Iranian President Attacks America on our Land and Gets Away with it

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The United Nations is an organization built to bring countries together for the good of the world and to work with each other to improve the international quality of life.  It is a pinnacle of what this world can be, but only if used correctly.  Sadly however, it has also become a favorite soapbox for one of the most criminal leaders of our time.

Recently, Iranian President Ahmadinejad claimed our nation, the same one who supports him financially as well as the organization he stands within, commits “Acts of Terror”.  Continuing to discuss nuclear weaponry, whose sole purpose he says “is to annihilate all human beings (and the possession if it) is disgusting and shameful”, these are very strange statements coming from a man whose purpose it seems is to create the same weapons he suddenly verbally spits on. Now granted, this is the same person who believes the Holocaust is a fairy tale.

One has to also wonder about why he makes such strong and attacking statements against not only the country whose soil he stands on and one that is preparing sanctions against him, but also one his economy relies on.  Hence, when we are discussed like this by someone who has so much financial reliance on us, we should immediately respond or not be surprised when he does it again.

Here he stands on a stage that is supposed to symbolize for some sort of unity and he is attacking one of the strongest and most giving members.  We are always the country that turns to aid anyone in need despite our own issues. A great example of this is Haiti, whose national ads for assistance you can still see daily on every medium available and whose financial result continues to assist the failing country.  Despite being in a continuing recession, we are always there to help.  There is also of course the example of our current war which is being carried out with the purpose, among other things, to spread freedom.  Ignoring this, Ahmadinejad stated in the same speech our country will “impose heavy pressures on independent countries” when we are a country who has worked toward making every inch of the world great.

The response to these horrid statements are so quiet you could hear a pin drop. When it comes to us being scolded by a dictator, there is absolutely no retort other than one US Representative walking out. There should be some form of reaction not only via the nation but also the United Nations against this liar and it should be more than a few sanctions which have been already attempted and obviously fail.  Our response should be swift and strong because the only way we will see dictators like this decline is if we show a strong hand above them.

Although, obviously this being the United Nations should be an international open venue of communication there should be a limit to how far a speaker can go.  Especially when it comes to demands, attacks and hisses that are so unfounded and disturbing. It is a waste of costly time when we allow things to be discussed that have no involvement in the agenda for this organization.  Personally, if the reality of the United Nations is nothing other than attacks, maybe there needs to be a revamping or relocation internationally.  To spit in the country that treats you so well should be retorted with some action, otherwise it can and will not only continue but grow and become more dangerous and threatening.  This is a cost no nation can pay.

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